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UP RERA NCR Conciliation Forum settles property disputes worth Rs 345 cr

The NCR Conciliation Forum of UP RERA is facilitating amicable resolution of disputes between homebuyers and promoters at an accelerated pace.

The forum has so far resolved more than 1150 disputes, mostly relating to the delay in the registered sale deed and possession of the units to the allottees, allotment of car parking slots, shortcomings in the maintenance of the project, complaints about power backup, disputes relating to various other charges, matters relating to the payment of interest on account of delay in possession, etc.

According to Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority, most of the complaints had been received from the allottees of the projects in Gautam Buddha Nagar, Ghaziabad, Meerut, and Bulandshahar. One of the special features of the Conciliation Forum is that the conciliator and his team make constant efforts to understand and resolve the dispute in the presence of the allottee and the promoter, and since there is no interference by the advocates or other representatives in these proceedings, the entire process becomes simple and costeffective.

UP RERA has appointed R.D. Paliwal, a senior retired administrative officer, as conciliator in NCR Conciliation Forum for resolution of disputes through mediation. The dispute between the parties is generally resolved through mutual settlement in two to three hearings. Both the parties themselves honour the agreements entered into by them in the Conciliation Forum, and, hence, the allottees do not have to go through further proceedings for enforcement of the settlement. The forum, with the constructive cooperation of the associations of the allottees and the promoters, has been able to resolve more than 1150 disputes involving properties worth more than Rs 345 crore, through amicable settlement by the parties.

According to R D Paliwal, Conciliator, Uttar Pradesh RERA, ‘The Conciliation Forum is the easiest way to resolve the grievances of the home buyers under which the resolution is sought to be arrived at by bringing the promoter and the consumer together on one platform and after detailed discussion and negotiation between the parties in presence of the representatives of both the association of the allottees and the promoters and moderation by the conciliator. The entire model is turning to be a preferred time-saving disputes resolution process by both the consumers and promoters.’

The process of applying to the Conciliation Forum is quite simple. Allottees can apply online using the link on the U.P RERA website- It was stated by Rajeev Kumar Chairman U.P. RERA that amicable settlement of consumer disputes through mutual agreement under the aegis of the Conciliation Forum is a simple and time-saving process wherein the solution is arrived at by balancing the conflicting views and interests of the parties.

He noted with satisfaction that the trust of the consumers and developers in the Conciliation Forum of U.P. RERA is increasing and he called upon the stakeholders to use the good offices of the conciliation forum for resolution of their disputes like some of the promoters and their allottees who have been taking the benefits of this forum in larger numbers.

Rajive Kumar expressed the view that although the utility and credibility of NCR Conciliation Forum is constantly increasing, the promoters and their allottees can utilize this forum for settlement of their disputes and save themselves from the agony of long, complicated and extensive legal proceedings in the same manner as some of the promoters like Gaursons Group, Supertech Group and Uppal Chaddha Group, 539 of whose allottees have secured the resolution of the disputes, have been doing.


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