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No NOCs for buying flats, commercial buildings in Assam

From now on, anyone buying houses, flats, residential apartments, commercial buildings, constructions or structures erected on a plot of land will not have to obtain pre-buying NOCs (no-objection certificates) from the deputy commissioners.

However, all other existing procedures for buying and selling will remain intact.

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma observed that when people move DC offices seeking NOCs for buying flats, houses, commercial buildings etc., their applications gather dust in the DC offices. It leads to harassment of both buyers and sellers. This observation prompted the State Government to do away with the ‘system of NOC’ for buying flats or houses.

Since the Registration Act, 1908 is a Central Act, the State government had to obtain an amendment to the Act, especially for Assam, from the President of India. Following all procedures, the State Government sent an amendment proposal to the President of India. The amendment proposal sought the skipping of obtaining pre-buying NOCs from deputy commissioners while buying flats, houses etc., in the state. The President of India gave his assent to the amendment proposal recently. This amendment applies to the State of Assam. And the Assam Legislative Department issued a notification to this effect.


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