Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Under-construction multi-storey building collapsed in Noida

A section of scaffolding at an under-construction multi-story building in Noida collapsed Monday during heavy rains, injuring two people, according to police.According to them, the scaffolding came crashing down from the sixth floor height, damaging two adjoining makeshift accommodations and a private car.

“The under-construction building is in Sector 64, within the Phase 3 police station boundaries.” “After the temporary structure crashed, two people were injured, and two shops and a car were damaged,” a police spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, despite drizzles that continued after an intense spell of showers around noon, the incident site in Sector 64 became a selfie spot for locals.

Several residents were seen taking photos with the wrecked scaffolding, and purported post-crash videos surfaced on social media.In a separate incident, a pole fell on a road near the Shiv Mandir in the Mamura area of the city on Monday, following heavy rains and a storm.


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