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Types of Architects: Choosing The Appropriate One For Your Project

Before a construction project starts, you need to have the right team of contractors. Out of different members, the architect is the most crucial one that any construction team should have. Without them, you cannot start constructing a building or structure because you don’t have a design to follow.

Not many people are aware of the different types of architects who are perfect for a specific project. If you want to start a construction project, make sure you know which architect to hire to ensure a successful project. You can find eight types of architects that each serve a purpose in a project.

1. Residential Architects

The first type of architect you have to learn about is a residential architect. They focus on creating residential designs, ensuring that they focus on aesthetics and comfortability for the people living inside. If you want a beautiful and comfy house for your client’s family to live in, you must look for a residential architect.

Residential architects generally work with real estate developers and private clients. And when designing a house for a client, they need to utilize their skills to turn their client’s dream house into reality while keeping everything within the budget. Lastly, residential architects must familiarize themselves with neighborhood restrictions and building codes to adapt to their designs.

2. Commercial Architects

The next type of architect is the commercial architect, focusing on constructing high-rise or large buildings and structures. Most of the time, they design the structures with appeal in mind. That’s why you’ll see many tourists and the public looking at those structures in awe because of how architects designed them.

You can find examples of buildings that commercial architects design include office towers, retail shops, museums, hotels, public buildings, hospitals, and other non-residential properties. They are sometimes in a different field than residential architects because of the scale of their job. Besides having exceptional design skills, a commercial architect needs to fully comprehend safety regulations, commercial building codes, and the expenses involved in the construction project.

3. Industrial Architects

When talking about industrial designing, architects put their focus on functionality above anything else. When you see an industrial building getting constructed, you will see that it has little aesthetic appeal because its main objective is to maximize functionality for the client to use. Industrial architects are known for designing power plants, terminals, transport hubs, and processing plants, to name a few.

Their designs also include large spaces because most industrial buildings have large machinery and equipment. You cannot call it an industrial building if the architect cannot design adequate space for clients to place their company assets and streamline their business operations. If you have a project that needs your architects to include access doors and panels, you can always check out the Best Access Doors Best Sellers page.

4. Landscape Architect

Another architect that focuses on aesthetics is landscape architects. As the name suggests, they have mastered the art of designing beautiful landscapes and outdoor spaces for any property. Whether you own an industrial, commercial, or residential property, there’s nothing wrong with having a beautiful landscape to liven up the surroundings.

They also have extensive knowledge of horticulture, which is the practice of garden management and cultivation. Every tree, flower, or patch of grass they place must appear perfect once handled by the construction team. You can also find landscape architects doing indoor architecture, especially when the client wants to achieve sustainability.

5. Sustainable Architects

You should know that domestic and non-domestic buildings still produce 40% of greenhouse gases, according to a study from Architecture 2030. The greenhouse gases, also known as GHG, can negatively impact the environment, and that’s why sustainable architects exist. They design energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly buildings and structures.

A sustainable architect needs to learn which sustainable products and materials to use when designing and ensure they meet necessary building standards. They should also create innovative construction characteristics and look for new ways to use those innovations and turn them into visually appealing and functional building spaces.

6. Conservation Architects

You may work with a client that has a dilapidated building that they want to rework completely. That’s where conservation architects come into play because they are excellent in building restorations. You can find many clients hiring them for restoring properties, especially ones that have historical value.

Conservation architects ensure that they do not ruin the building’s original features and aesthetics during the designing phase. They also design the building and ensure the tenants can still use it as an average building while following regulations and legislation.

7. Interior Architects

Note that interior architects are different from interior designers. One element that sets them apart is they focus on both design and the structural integrity of the building’s interior. It means that they ensure the walls are strong enough while still keeping their appeal during its construction.

The interior architect mainly works with clients with empty building spaces, such as studio apartments and offices. If the client needs to create walls and partitions inside the building, they always turn to interior architects.

8. Urban Designers

Lastly, urban designers are the last types of architects that work on an area’s design as a whole instead of different buildings. Whether it’s improving a new district or an existing one, they decide where to place certain building facilities needed by the community.

Don’t forget the different types of architects if you want your future construction projects to have the right architect who can get the job done.


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