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Tower crane Anti-Collision device with Safe load Indication

The anti-collision device prevents collision with nearby structures, buildings, trees and other tower cranes working in the close vicinity. The component is critical as it provides total safety coverage to the tower cranes. In India, one of the key players providing anti-collision devices is Everest Engineering.

Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt Ltd has supplied Anti-collision devices combined with SLI (Safe load Indication & control) to various customers in India. This has been developed for full safety during the working of multiple cranes on the same site. These are microprocessor-based technology combined with wireless radio communication along with ground monitoring & upload station.

Anti-Collision device

Key features of Everest Anti-Collision device

Everest tower cranes have additional features of safe load indicator (SLI) inbuilt, those the customer need not by a separate SLI and separate Anti Collision device, both are inbuilt in one system itself. Some of the features of the company’s anti-collision device are-

  • These Anti-Collision devices are designed to work with any make of tower crane and any model of tower crane whether it is Topkit type or Flat top type or Luffing type, any tower crane. It can go up to 1 km, even if somebody makes the height more than 1 km also, it can match the requirement.
  • The technology adopted in the device is simple microprocessor-based. The 30 tower crane can be controlled at a time with the powerful ACD software with a Ground Monitoring System.
  • The anti-Collision device senses the other active tower cranes continuously and stops entering the area whose power is off/ anti-collision is off. The tower crane may rotate on the wind if power is failed. This ensures additional safety during a power failure.
  • The system does not get corrupted due to frequent power failures or frequent ON/OFF. It consumes about 3-4 sec to power up and starts working from its current positions. For the frequent power failures, the company also supplies UPS power backup, which will take care of the Anti-Collision system for 1 hour.
  • It is equipped with a built-in SLI[ Safe Load Indicator] for higher safety at your sites.
  • Attached with the latest Gantry Crane feature to help serve the Casting Yards.
  • It gives detailed information to the operator on what’s going on within the particular crane’s radius.

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