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Self – Levelling Cementitious Screed for Industrial Flooring

The flooring industry has always placed a strong emphasis on smooth and level concrete surfaces upon which to install resilient flooring. With today’s large amount of commercial remodeling/renovation projects, and attempts to reduce costs in the new construction market, you need a product that helps to solve most problems related to floor leveling and repair.

FAIRMATE’S  range of Cementitious- self-smoothing, hard-wearing screed FAIRTOP FAST FLOOR and FAIRTOP STD offers dense, tough, abrasion-resistant industrial floor with non-dusty and nonslip characteristics. Each one of them comes with unique advantages and applications.


It is a pre-blending compound having selected cement, hard-wearing graded aggregates modified with special polymers and flow agents. It is supplied as a dry, grey powder that requires only the addition of water to produce a self-smoothing, free-flowing material. FAIRTOP FAST FLOOR may be applied by hand or by use of a continuous mixer pump.


  1. Prepack and ready to use
  2. Fast Setting
  3. Self Leveling and smooth finish
  4. Excellent consistency & Assured quality
  5. Excellent workability can be pumped or poured.
  6. Economical.
  7. More cost-effective than equivalent Resin-based systems.
  8. Rapid hardening hence allows foot traffic after 2 to 3 hrs. depending on the temperature and humidity.
  9. High abrasion resistance.
  10. Vapor permeable.
  11. Available in cement Grey, Red & Green Color.


It is suitable for use in industrial warehouses, factories, & suitable for use in schools and hospitals, commercial buildings, upgrading and refurbishing of existing internal concrete slabs. It can also be suitable for use in car parking and light to medium engineering operations.


It is supplied as a monolithic industrial flooring compound ready to use factory controlled, dry shake cementitious systems blended with special aggregates, selected for high abrasion and wear resistance and additives. FAIRTOP STD is used to obtain a dense, tough, abrasion-resistant industrial floor with non-dusty and nonslip characteristics.


  1. Ready to use, factory controlled.
  2. Eliminates on-site mixing.
  3. Provides a dense, non-porous surface on application.
  4. Hard-wearing & abrasion-resistant.
  5. Monolithic bond with the base concrete.
  6. Provides non-dusty and non-slip surface.
  7. Facilitates easy cleaning.
  8. Long life and low maintenance.
  9. Available in various colors.
  10. Non-metallic and iron-free – does not rust.


  1. It can be used in loading bays, Factories, warehouses, Car Parking areas, Truck Lanes, Workshops, Garages, Subways, and Power Stations & Abattoirs.
  2. It is also used for refurbishment over terrazzo, Quarry or ceramic tiles.
  3. Applicable for workshops, showroom, food & beverage processing areas to withstand moderate to heavy traffic.

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