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The Use of Project Management Software in Construction

Information technology and project management are evolving more than ever, expect the review of the history of project management software in the future will be marked with even bigger challenges and the demand for increased speed-to-market when it comes to products and services. Tomorrow’s projects will become larger, more difficult to manage, and more complex. Business teams are getting more diverse and distributed across the world. The successful delivery of any engineering or construction project starts with a well and collaboratively-built schedule. A schedule that coordinates the right resources on the right work at the right time, improving communication between office and field teams to boost productivity and respond to project changes in real-time.

With the construction management software for planning, scheduling, and resource management, project teams can integrate the contractual CPM activity schedule with the field task management details. Visual Planning and execution options unify office and field teams into one community, one project, one schedule. Available from anywhere, for any size project, you can configure the solution to meet individual project requirements and centralize best practices for all projects. Complexity is growing across all areas of construction – aligning field and office, depending on external teams, interpreting vast amounts of data, and making rapid decisions — all requiring greater digitization to perform optimally. The legacy systems and spreadsheets used throughout the years to manage projects will not allow construction businesses to grow and adapt quickly in today’s market.


An all-in-one web-based construction ERP software brings digital transformation to construction businesses and contractors by digitizing every function and process with smart collaboration and intelligence. It is a 360-degree construction business operations management software adopted by builders and contractors looking to streamline operations and achieve efficiency, cost savings, speed, collaboration and higher profits. Today’s AEC organizations are required to comply with tighter construction budgets & timelines and keep pace with the ever-evolving technology landscape. As an end-to-end construction lifecycle management solution, CivitBUILD can help you optimize business excellence in many ways.


Asteria Aerospace, a drone manufacturer and solution provider in India, has launched its end-to-end drone operations platform – SkyDeck. SkyDeck is a cloud-based software platform to deliver a DaaS solution for multiple industry verticals such as agriculture, surveying, industrial inspections, and surveillance and security. SkyDeck provides a unified dashboard and services for drone fleet management, scheduling and executing drone flights, data processing, and visualization and AI-based analysis of aerial data captured using drones. SkyDeck ensures operational transparency, improves collaboration between stakeholders, and provides secure and centralized management for scaling drone programs across multiple applications. For construction and mining industries, SkyDeck uses drone-based aerial data to create accurate site surveys for monitoring progress and maintaining accurate inventory records.


It is a web and mobile-based construction management software for builders, contractors, EPC and MEP companies to help complete projects on time and within budget. Developed by experts from the construction and infrastructure industry and promoted by a construction conglomerate with over 60 years of operational expertise in various segments like Civil Engineering, Industrial Projects, EPC, Road & Rail, Housing and Public Infrastructure. It can automate manual and repeat processes such as payroll processing, information gathering and filtering for reports and finance data grouping. Attach and store all documents digitally in realtime and search through them using the inbuilt Document Management System. The software can manage multiple legal entities within your organisation with a single installation.

Corecon construction

It is designed with the overall management functionalities including contract records, purchase reports, task scheduling, and quality assurance. It has a feature named documentation which lets you keep track of the ongoing projects, appointments, and work orders.Corecon has an in-built advanced analytics tool that can automatically generate the reports based on cash flow, accounting, billing and project costs. You can easily access the insights into your work performance to make more calculative business decisions. The USP of the Corecon is that it supports real-time information access on both the Android and iOS platforms.


A web-based construction management software was developed to assist the contraction companies in managing their project cost, work schedule, and documentation. This software provides a whole solution from managing the project delivery to measuring the planning, construction operations, progress report, etc. The e-builder software solution is capable of aiding the construction companies to reduce cost, reduce risks, reduce cycle times and heighten the performance, efficiency and productivity. Providing business intelligence reports based on the data analysis and creating reports of ongoing project progress, it helps the business to grow with pace. The e-builder’s dashboard offers in-depth clarity for easy access, extraction, analysis and filters the unnecessary project data.


PlanGrid is an advanced software solution embedded with all the essential features to satisfy the needs of construction management. PlanGrid is defined as the first RFI solution to wrap in the complete RFI process. It delivers real-time services for project engagement, punch lists, RFIs, and specs through desktop or mobile devices. It has been designed as an instinctive and managed construction software to help the construction companies encounter & resolve the problem of cost overrun and reduced performance.

FARO® As-Built™

Its a tool for complete and efficient conversion of reality capture data into parametric CAD and BIM models. As-Built delivers powerful industry-specific functionality for easy, precise, seamless and efficient evaluation. The software includes three separate programs in its family of products, which can be purchased individually or as an all-in-one suite. Each program guarantees the most direct workflow from any captured reality data, such as a laser scanner. Unlike other multi-vendor offerings, As-Built offers an easy-to-use, seamlessly integrated and fast path to as-built CAD and BIM models by dramatically reducing the time for model extraction, minimizing the amount of construction rework, controlling project costs and increasing delivery quality.

Unwrapping a modeled surface based on orientated images in As-Built™ for AutoCAD® Software (PRNewsfoto/FARO)

Real Builder

It is a complete ERP Solution designed to meet the ever-growing demands of the real estate industry. It is a highly useful real estate management software for real estate developers, builders, contractors, and infrastructure developers. Real Builder adheres to Dataman commitment to deliver quality, responsiveness, innovation, and customer focus. Built on a .Net Framework, Real Builder provides Project Managers and Accountants with advanced management tools with integrated visibility.


It is a cloud-based collaboration platform that organizes projects to provide the right information at the right time for you to strategize better, deliver project milestones, and make well-informed business decisions. Ayoga being totally mobile and browser-based, there are no additional IT infrastructure investments. Single sign-on in Mobile/ Desktop/ Web platforms is all that is needed for project collaboration at your fingertips. The resource modeler integrated with the IoT, provides real time site information about your resource utilization. Interactive charts map utilization against the capacity, so you plan to drive optimum efficiency of your resources and prevent any cost overruns. With the project and related data together in one place, Ayoga can use this information to generate Analytics and forecasts for definitive project planning and well-informed business decisions.


TIEMCHART project management software for construction has everything you need to plan, schedule and execute a construction project from start to finish. It is a management software for construction lets you easily adjust the project plan and let it fits well within the scope. With changes required to be performed on one task, all dependent tasks will be updated accordingly and the project as a whole will be given a new timeline. It is a comprehensive platform to view and manage all ongoing projects, streamline resources and track down the tasks that might be causing delays in the project. It also helps you to gain insight into available resources and their workload. Easily assign resources to the task and monitor workload. One of the biggest challenges is the ability to track project progress in real time. If any delays happen, let the system warns you of such delays. Tasks that are on critical path require greater attention so that the overall project deadline is never compromised. Right from task management dashboard, a contractor can now update the progress of individual activities or utilisation of resources. Tiemchart lets you have greater control of your project tasks and activities.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management software, helps you plan your projects, track work efficiently, and collaborate with your team, wherever they are. It manages both simple and complex projects by breaking them down into milestones, tasklists, tasks, and subtasks. Visualize project plans and track progress efficiently with the help of Gantt charts and Kanban boards and set up dependencies between related tasks to make sure you always stay on schedule. Assign tasks to users, set work hours, and track them as they are finished. Set priority, add reminders, and enable recurrence if needed. You can further break down complicated tasks to subtasks, and record the time spent on each task with timesheets or timers. You can set up baselines in the online Gantt chart creator to compare the project progress over different periods of time. Apart from comparing your baseline with actual progress, you can even compare two different baselines at a time. End variance helps you identify the delayed tasks that need to be taken care of, while slippage tracks tasks that haven’t started yet but have already slipped from the baseline’s end date. From milestones and tasks to dependencies and progress percentage, every small detail is color coded so nothing escapes your attention. You can also customize each task bar with the color of your preference. Furthermore, overdue work items are highlighted in red, and whenever you create a Gantt chart, holidays and weekends are clearly marked out for you.


A collaborative, cloud-based solution designed to manage information and processes across multiple projects and teams. From administering documents, bills, and drawings, to reviewing real-time site inspection, Nesso connects you to multiple stakeholders from anywhere. When the status of the task is updated, Nesso will also update the original schedule automatically whether it is MS Projects, Excel, or any other tools your organization uses. Import your project schedule from MS Project, Excel, or any software that your organization uses. These plans are converted into tasks that are allocated to appropriate users with the help of AI. This mobile and web-based construction management software allows you to easily assign work no matter where you are. You can set a priority, category, due date, and assignee to each chunk of work so you can operate in flux and yet stay on top of task progress. The owner or owner’s representative on a construction project needs to know how everything is progressing without necessarily being physically on the Jobsite at all times. With construction reports, you can receive a formatted PDF report of everything that has been completed on the jobsite in a specified time range, filtered by priority or category.


The mobile-based platform ensures that your sites run smoothly. Real-time information flows seamlessly between sites and head office, thus decisions are made quickly and the project is always on track. The mobile platform enables each party involved in the project – be it in procurement, design, civil engineering or stock management – to connect on the same platform and manage the entire project on the FalconBrick app in real time. So the end-to-end solution enables right from the supervisor on the ground to the project manager of the company to be on the same page as far as project management and execution is concerned. In addition, people can track daily progress of the project and can even determine if any delays are expected through real-time data analytics and live dashboards. Predictive analytics helps predict expected delays beforehand in order to avoid them and helps builders benchmark projects, contractors and employees. As work in progress at the site is captured real-time.


In4Suite Construction ERP is a complete, integrated, web-based software solution built to support end-to-end automation of all critical business processes, and help construction companies and contractors accelerate information about the business. It helps you to automate repetitive daily tasks and focus on your core business and your customers. The software helps transform your business digitally and facilitates enhanced collaboration throughout the organisation. This in turn leads to better productivity and continuous refinement of your business processes. The procurement module manages your supply chain smoothly from Indent to Delivery. Features like Supplier Evaluation and Quotation Management helps you track all purchase orders efficiently.


Software available on the market can make your job as Project Manager a little easier. Scheduling software comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. With the simplest projects, some people use a spreadsheet to map out who works on what, day by day. Each software comes with a ton of features for setting up and managing a project schedule. Given above are a few types of project management software in construction. Select as per project requirement and do a feature analysis that fits your project.


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