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EEE launches Stirrup Bender and Passenger Hoist in Excon 2021

P.V. Ramdev, MD, Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt Ltd. (EEE)

The construction industry is expanding and becoming complex day by day. The large projects related to infrastructure development are becoming challenging. Rising urbanisation in India has accelerated infrastructure investments and consequently the demand for mechanisation in construction projects. There are requirements for safety construction equipment that facilitates in lifting and moving of men and materials in the high-rise buildings. There has also been significant demand for CNC rebar processing machines that can cater to Indian high strength rebar requirements.

In light of the significant demand, the Constrofacilitator had one to one conversation with P.V. Ramdev, MD, Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt Ltd. (EEE) at Excon 2021. EEE is a well-respected name in the rebar processing, construction and Infrastructure equipment sector. It is an ISO 9001–2015 certified company form TUV that has continually evolved since its inception in 2012. The company, under the astute leadership of its founder who has more than three decades of experience, has deeply entrenched itself in the Indian market in a short span of time.

During the conversation, he shared insights on the new range of products being launched, the market potential of construction equipment, the reliability of machines for Indian conditions, the role of the R & D centre and much more.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

What are the features of CNC high-speed Stirrup Bender being launched in Excon 2021?

The CNC high-speed Stirrup Bender we are launching is YFB 12D. It comes with an auto-mode system. The machine can bend upto 12 mm rebar of any shape and can be programmed to produce around 500 shapes. The end products can be any size and shapes as per customer requirement and the production quantity also can be set. The USP of the model is that it can operate with single and as well as double feeding rods. The production speed of the machine is 110-130 metres per minute, with a daily processing of 15-18t.

We could not showcase total speed in the exhibition, due to limits of external factors, so we are showcasing around 60 percent speed of the machine here. The model caters to the present requirement of the construction & Infrastructure sector in India. We manufactured this machine according to Indian rebar conditions. The Indian demographics are often faced with issues like uneven hardness, diameter, etc, accordingly, we have strengthened the equipment model for trouble-free working efficiency.

For the service of the machine model, we have trained our in-inhouse team. We aim to train our customers with all the technicalities and requirements for the smooth working of the machine. We provide financial assistance for the machine, by helping our customers to buy in loan schemes from various banks.

What is the current market potential for the YFB 12D stirrup bender?

The machine model is foreseeing a good demand in the market. The customers are looking for a machine that serves the need of ‘Indian rebar Conditions’, this made in accordance to that. The self life of the machine is about 20 years.

Is the machine compatible to produce rebar from any quality of rod or there is a need for standardisation of rod quality?

It can produce rebar from rods of various makes & qualities. It can produce rebars from rods of the highest quality to the locally manufactured rods. The quality of the rod is not a restriction for the machine.

Share insights about GJJ Passenger Hoist and what features of the machine compelled MAIA ESTATE to buy the product?

There is a saying, ‘Good judgement comes from experience’. MAIA ESTATE, Bangalore has already used our passenger hoist for 2 years for one of the projects in Jakkur in Bangalore, during which they never faced any issue. The passenger hoist was used round the clock, but it performed its functionality without breakdown. Their good experience led them to buy GJJ Passenger Hoist. They are coming with an ultra-luxury apartment in Richmond Circle, Bangalore, for which they require a trouble-free machine. They specifically required a cage length of 3.6 metres for carrying men and material, which is met by GJJ Passenger Hoist. It has a 2-tonne capacity and can carry 27 people. It is equipped with SEW Germany Mechanism and it has a self life of 25 years. The speed of the passenger hoist is 46 metres per minute with full load, which is the specialty of the machine.

Newly launched GJJ passenger hoist with 3.6m Long cage sold to MAIA ESTATE Bangalore in Excon 2021 Exhibition

How much height can be covered by the company’s Passenger hoist?

Our standard Passenger hoist for high rise buildings is designed to go up to 500m height. We offer various speeds of 46,63,96 & 120 M/Min according to the height of the building. Various sizes of cages from 2.5m ~ 5m length, a width of 1.2m ~ 2m and the height of 2.2m ~ 6.5m are also being offered. We also offer customised passenger hoist for project requirements of projects above 500m in height.

What is the current potential of tower cranes and passenger hoists in the Indian market?

The demand is huge. High-rise construction trends are on the rise, and construction equipment requirements are also increasing. The equipment is seeing a propelling demand in low-rise construction as well. RERA has outlined time-bound guidelines required for project completion. To meet the guidelines and for faster project completion the contractors require tower cranes and passenger hoists. Mechanisation is the key factor in creating demands for these machines.

How valuable is the role of the EEE R & D centre?

Our R & D centre double-checks the machine features of the machines we are supplying. We are also cross-checking the machine design to check they comply with the Indian market requirement. We will be manufacturing new models based on our R & D team expert, so that the functionality of the models is in accordance with the global market requirement. Our team is focused on new-age technologies, and automation to name a few. We also have a big land parcel of 16 acres near Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, wherein we aim to set up a manufacturing factory mainly to produce the passenger hoist in a joint venture with GJJ. The production will commence in the coming year.


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