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Property registrations in Bihar on fastrack in present situation

The revenue generation by excise, prohibition and registration department has gone up with the increase in the number of property registrations since Unlock 1.0 from June 1.

Earlier, the situation was never so bad as the registration department received its first income of the new fiscal year through property registration on April 20, instead of the first working day in that month, an officer said.

When asked, assistant IG (registration) Awadhesh Kumar Jha told that revenue collection from registration of property had shot up in state only after lifting of restrictions on public transport since June 1.“The daily revenue generated by the department has headed towards normal now. The revenue generation is expected to become normal in a month or two,” Jha said.

The AIG said all the 124 registration offices in state had started functioning in the current fiscal year only on April 20 since lockdown from March 23. “It had never happened like this. Even after opening, people didn’t come for registration as there was restriction on movement as well as pandemic fear,” he said.

Jha said the revenue collection on April 20 amid lockdown was Rs37.42 lakh. “Only two registrations took place that day due to the lockdown,” he said. The AIG said that was the minimum on any working day, but the department generated the maximum Rs37.1 crore on a single day ever on June 12. “That day, the revenue generation included Rs23 crore from the property registration in Sasaram,” Jha said.


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