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The Dos and Don’ts of Marble Floor Cleaning

Marble is one of the most beautiful flooring options available today and is an investment worth looking after carefully. The key to keeping your marble floors shining for years is simple – sticking to basic rules through regular cleaning leads to avoiding unfriendly materials and taking immediate remedial action whenever necessary. However, cleaning the marble and restoring its shine can be a tedious task that might require professional help. Marble floors are elegant and luxurious, but they require proper maintenance to retain their beauty. Marble is a porous material that can stain easily if not cleaned correctly. 

Thus, for homeowners, it is important to recruit professional marble floor cleaning and restoration services to retain the health and luster of their marble for a long. However, with so many similar services in the market, choosing the best professional service can be quite daunting. 

So in this blog, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of marble cleaning so that you know how the service unfolds and further you get the best service within the paid price. 


1. Do clean up spills immediately

One of the biggest threats to your marble floor is spills. Liquid, especially acidic liquids like wine or vinegar, can quickly etch into the surface. Clean up spills as soon as they occur with a soft cloth or paper towel.

2. Do dust mop regularly

Dirt and debris can scratch your marble floor’s polished surface over time, causing it to lose its shine. Just mop your floor daily using a soft-bristled broom or microfiber mop to keep dirt and debris from accumulating on it.

3. Do use pH-neutral cleaners

Marble floors require gentle cleaning solutions that won’t damage the stone’s finish or coloration over time. Use pH-neutral cleaners specifically made for marble floors that will lift dirt without causing etching or staining.

4. Do use a sealed container when mopping

When you’re mopping your marble floor, make sure you use a sealed bucket so that dirty water doesn’t seep back onto your freshly cleaned surface, undoing all your hard work.

5. Do hire professional cleaning services for deep cleaning

Professional flooring cleaning companies offer specialist services for deep-cleaning dirty marble surfaces without causing any damage. They use specialized equipment such as diamond pad machines offering beautifully restored results in no time at all.


1. Don’t use vinegar

Vinegar is often recommended as an all-purpose cleaner perfect for household surfaces. However, never use vinegar on natural stone materials like marble as regular exposure to acid can ruin its beautiful finish over time by dulling it out permanently by discoloration or breakage.

2. Don’t use abrasive cleaners

Abrasives, like scouring powder and steel wool pads, can damage your delicate floor’s top surface if used regularly over time. Even harsh chemicals like bleach should be avoided as they will discolor the natural hues of your marble floor altogether.

3. Don’t drag heavy furniture

Large furniture which is moved across a marble floor causes scratches, dents, and cracks. It’s best to protect it using layers of carpet or felt pads specifically designed for floor protection against long-term wear and tear. 

4. Don’t use hot water

While hot water can dissolve dirt on sealed surfaces quickly, it also weakens the sealant on your floors, making them more vulnerable to breaking down. Always stick to lukewarm or cool water when cleaning your marble floors.

5. Don’t ignore small spots or spills

Even small stains can mean larger problems in the long run. Anything left unattended can compound into bigger ones that not only become tougher to clean but could cause irreversible damage leading you to a costly repair bill that could have been easily avoidable.


Marbles are sturdy materials for flooring but can become dirty and vulnerable to breakage if not cared for properly. One of the best ways to retain the shine and luster of your marble flooring is by hiring professional services. However, if you want to do it on your own, just keep the do’s and don’ts in mind. Happy Cleaning!


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