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The Delights Of Living In Amazing Pattaya!

Every year more and more expats from around the world choose to make the charming Kingdom of Thailand their permanent home. One of the most popular areas for this is the gorgeous coastal city of Pattaya with its stunning scenery, gorgeous beaches, and plenty of world-class shopping and restaurants for you to enjoy. Pattaya has something for everyone, so let’s take a closer look at this prized retirement destination, when we finish you might find yourself joining the happy folks who have already moved there!

First up are the stunning accommodation options Pattaya has on offer. There are plenty of luxury condos for sale in Pattaya Thailand for you to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect place to suit your tastes! Easy access to the beach and shopping makes this town the ideal spot to live the good life in!

Another draw is the relatively low cost of living, things in Thailand are very reasonably priced compared to most western countries, which means your savings go a lot farther and you can enjoy a superior quality of life for a lot less than you would pay back in your home country. For example, things like hiring a workman for some simple home repairs that might be quite dear in a place like the UK are a fraction of the price in Pattaya, and the quality will be unsurpassed. What might be considered a low monthly income abroad would afford you an excellent quality of life in Pattaya!

Pattaya is home to a vibrant, thriving, multicultural community, which will give you an amazing opportunity to make friends and mix with people from all over the world! An added bonus to this is the plethora of delectable foreign cuisines available here, you can eat your way around the globe without ever leaving Pattaya!

Speaking of food, it’s no longer a secret that Thailand is home to one of the world’s finest cuisines! Thai food is healthy, delicious, and affordable, your taste buds will thank you!

Thailand has come to be affectionately known as ‘the land of smiles’ because the locals are so incredibly friendly and welcoming to one and all. If you want to feel like you are part of a big happy family, Pattaya is a great place to call home. You will bask in the warmth of human kindness emanating from these big-hearted people every time you step out your door.

There is always plenty to do in Pattaya! From the exciting nightlife to the wide variety of water sports, to therapeutic traditional Thai massage spas and action-packed, hard-hitting Muay Thai Thai boxing arenas, to a soothing dip in the warm sea or enticing swimming pools, you’ll find no shortage of wonderful things to see and do in Pattaya! We haven’t even touched upon the rich and beautiful cultural delights of the gilded temples and historical buildings that make Pattaya magical!

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