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Synthetic Macro Fiber for Tunnel Application

Accelerated and cost effective construction material for tunnel lining have attracted growing attention in recent years. In this context, macro synthetic fiber has been attracting eyeballs as an alternative material to steel reinforcement in tunnel linings. These fibers are made from a blend of polymers and were originally developed to provide an alternative to steel fibers in some applications. Initially, they were identified as a potential alternative to steel fibers in sprayed concrete, but increasing research and development showed that they had a role to play in the design and construction of ground-supported slabs and a wide range of other applications.  It can sustain strain-hardening up to several percent strain, resulting in a material ductility of at least two orders of magnitude higher when compared to normal concrete. It also exhibits crack control behavior.

The use of macro synthetic fibers offers innovative solutions, yielding robust and sustainable tunnel shotcrete & lining designs. Shotcrete reinforced with macro-synthetic fibers represents a new and competitive material for use in ground stabilization in the tunneling industry. The durability of this material in corrosion environments is particularly attractive.

Macro synthetic fiber has reached maturity as an engineered material and is widely used in all forms of tunnel shotcrete & tunnel linings for a temporary & permanent ground support in both mining and civil tunnel applications.

FIBERCRETE Macro Fibers have proven to be a very attractive alternative to steel mesh reinforcements & steel fibers in tunnel applications. Typically used at a dosage rate of 5kg/mᶟ for both tunnel shotcrete and tunnel lining.

Fibercrete synthetic Micro Fiber


  • FIBERCRETE Macro Fiber is a Tri-Component polymer based fibers produced with Embossed or Wave Surfaces to provide increased flexural toughness, compression strength, energy absorption, durability.
  • Fibercrete Fibers complies with European Standard EN 14889-2: 2006, ASTM C1116 / C1116 M and carries CE Marking.
  • FIBERCRETE is the only company in India to manufacture Water Soluble Fiber Pucks.       

Fibers in Water Soluble Pucks Packaging

Advantages of Synthetic Macro Fibers

  • Eliminates complete steel mesh reinforcements & steel fibers in tunnel shotcrete and lining applications.
  • Increases energy absorption or toughness & ductility of the concrete.
  • Controls and mitigates plastic & dry shrinkage cracks.
  • Less abrasive to pumping lines & equipments.
  • Enhances impact, abrasion & shear resistance of the concrete.
  • Increases spalling resistance of the concrete.
  • Provides 3D reinforcement for the concrete structures.
  • Lightweight with high fiber count.
  • Easy Handling, Cost effective & speeds up progress of work.

FIBERCRETE –Synthetic  Macro Fiber from Kalyani Polymers

FIBERCRETE Synthetic  Macro Fiber is manufactured to help mitigate the formation of shrinkage cracking in concrete.

FIBERCRETE is the latest innovation in polymer extrusion products developed by KALYANI POLYMERS PVT LTD, based in the south of Bangalore. Since our establishment in the year 1995, we have won the satisfaction of our clients in Domestic and International markets. Having set a strong foothold in the early 1990’s, we now export to more than 45 countries globally.

FIBERCRETE has been conceptualized due to the desire and a vision to offer value added benefits to the Construction sector. They are using the most modern Extrusion or Production technologies to offer world class fiber products under “MAKE IN INDIA” and “#ATMANIRBHAR” to cater to the requirements of INDIA and the WORLD.


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