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Sealing of construction joints with PRONIL hydrophilic waterstops

Hydrophilic waterstops are used to seal concrete joints to prevent water from leaking from concrete structures by creating an impenetrable barrier. They can be used for multiple purposes, including protecting structures from the wear and tear of a constant flow of water and maintaining the desired structural integrity. The most significant advantage of hydrophilic waterstops is their ease of installation. The products get glued in place at the cold joint, and concrete is then cast on top of them. The water-stopper must be manufactured with quality raw materials, without defects. PRONIL specialises in manufacturing high-performance Hydrophilic Waterstops for construction for two decades.

PRONIL ACR: Hydrophilic Acrylic Swellable Bar for Construction Joints


PRONIL ACR is a new generation BBA Certified Product of new generation high-performance acrylic polymer-based expanding tape. It expands up to 900% when in contact with water. In a totally dry state, the product will shrink to its original installation dimension and re-expand on wetting. It is used in concrete construction for the sealing of construction joints including wall to base connections, pipe entry systems, sealing of openings and interface sections between existing and new concrete. It is easily stored in its original moisture-proof wrap in cool, dry conditions away from sunlight.


  • Used on a variety of irregular substrates
  • Forms an impermeable barrier against water in concrete
  • Excellent compliance with deformed surfaces and joints
  • Saves time and labour
  • Easy to apply
  • Simple overlap jointing on site
  • No hardening time required
  • No welding required
  • Swell in salt water

Application of PRONIL ACR in projects

PRONIL ACR can be used on a variety of irregular substrates. It forms an impermeable barrier against water in concrete. The product complies with deformed surfaces and joints. It saves time and labour and is easy to apply. No hardening time and No welding required for the product. It also swells in saltwater. It expands up to 900% when in contact with water.

PRONIL BENTONITE – Bentonite and butyl rubber based waterstop for the effective sealing of concrete construction joints

Pronil natural sodium bentonite based hydrophilic waterstop is manufactured in Turkey. This product is a good alternative to conventional joint sealing systems. It will expand when in contact with water to form a positive seal in concrete construction including gaps, cracks, pores and capillaries.



  • High hydrostatic resistance.
  • Fast, easy installation.
  • Seal is available in a range of sizes to accommodate irregular joint shapes, expands to seal off leaks,
  • Safe to use, non toxic therefore, no special handling is necessary.

About PRONIL Construction Chemicals

PRONIL specializes in manufacturing high-performance Acrylic Swellable Bars, Bentonite Hydrophilic Waterstops and Expansion Joint Tapes for construction for two decades. They also have a wide range of Expansion Joint tapes and Waterproofing flexible Joint sealing tapes.

To know more about the product range, visit:-  or contact – +91 9489058644


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