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Structural Waterproofing- Blueshield PmB for Roofs, Podia & Balconies

The trend for outdoor living has led to a demand for external balconies, green roofs and podia. The areas can be aesthetically pleasing, and can also help to promote health and well-being benefits. But, these areas are exposed to constant water buildup and soil chemicals. The primary requirement is that of a waterproofing design that helps in the prevention of water ingress and the management of water and water vapour movement through and out of a structure. The selection of the right waterproofing membrane is the major component in this type of construction. The material must possess the ability to prevent moisture from entering the facility. Blueshield PmB is one such high-performance structural waterproofing product for Roofs, Podium with garden & Dry podium, Balconies and Large ETP & STP tanks. 

Application method of  Blueshield PmB for different building surface

Blueshield PmB is a two-part, blue pigmented polyurethane elastomer. The spray-applied membrane is pigmented blue to highlight application and gels in seconds to provide a seamless, fully adhered barrier to the ingress of water and other contaminants. Through the avoidance of seams, joints and fixings, potential weak spots are eliminated. The client is provided with a completely homogeneous, seamless waterproofing solution, protecting their asset.  The high-performance system is 100% polyurethane, contains no fillers or additives and is VOC free. Once applied, Blueshield PmB has an exceptional strength to all commonly used substrates and has an excellent crack-bridging, tensile Strength, elongation and flexural capability.

The spray-applied polyurethane structural waterproofing system is long-lasting, can withstand mechanical loads, and is weather resistant. Blueshield PmB can also be used underneath other coverings, such as gravel, paving or grass. Its high resistance to hydrolysis means it can even be used in standing water applications.

Advantages of Blueshield PmB

  • Rapid installation and cure
  • Superior crack-bridging & adhesion properties
  • No pre-application chases or fillets
  • Low odour
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Fully tested puncture resistance capabilities
  • Effective root barrier in landscaped areas
  • Suitable for use in areas immersed in water
  • Full integrity testing to all installations
  • Manufactured and installed to ISO 9001:2008

Blueshield PmB has been formulated by chemists to be safe, user friendly, and high performing. They offer clients the perfect balance between design, aesthetics and practical performance. The product is part of USL Group (an RPM Inc. company) – leaders in the European waterproofing market for over 40 years and in India Blueshield PmB is promoted by Tremco CPG India.

Tremco Construction Products Group(CPG) in India manufactures seamless industrial and commercial resin Flooring solutions, waterproofing, roofing with insulation, systems for joints & durable sealants, admixtures, repair products, curing compounds, floor hardeners, densifiers, external façade insulation, glazing solutions, passive fire protection products, fibres as well as other specialist construction products & coatings. Tremco CPG India headquartered in Chennai serves expanding business opportunities across the South Asian (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka) Construction Chemical Industry.

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