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AVCRETE LMC – RS Rapid Patch Repair For Industrial Floor

Industrial flooring and Rigid Pavements (within factory premises) takes the burn of daily barrage of stressors like heavy equipment, forklift and foot traffic, chemical and oil spills, harsh cleaning regimens, etc. and continuous vehicle movement. These factors lead to damage to floors and pavements in the form of potholes that often start small but turn big in no time. The causes of such occurrences are inadequate capacity of the floor & pavement, improper load transfer and many more. Neglecting them for too long will degrade the floor’s integrity, leading to safety hazards and working facility disruptions.

In most cases, due to heavy workload and continuous movement of vehicles, it’s difficult to provide a long period for maintenance with normal material which requires a long curing period. In some cases, even before the system is set and cured, it’s in use resulting in failure of the repair system.

Avcrete LMC – RS : solution to high traffic area repairs

When it comes to critical patch repair, handing over the repaired patch within a few hours is critical and here the solution is Avcrete LMC – RS.

Developed in house at Avcon Technics Pvt Ltd, Avcrete LMC – RS has minimum setting time which allows traffic in max 8 hours after application and which lasts long.

AVCRETE LMC – RS Advantages;

  1. Repair of patches for early opening to traffic
  2. Patch repairs
  3. Very high early strength with very early setting allowing traffic in 2-3 hours
  4. Abrasion Class AR2 (as per BS 8204)

The size and cost of floor concrete joint repairs can be kept to a minimum if the damage is detected and repaired at an early stage. A proactive approach with regular inspections should be adopted to check that the existing joint sealant is doing its job to protect and maintain the floor joint.

AVCON Repair Products

Avcon has an expertise to study and offer the best possible long term solution for damaged floors using their expertise and bucket full of products to suit every requirement. The company provides solutions to projects of every size and scale, with our wide range of products. Avcon is India’s first flooring company with ISO 9001-2015 certification in Concrete Floor Design, Manufacturing of Products and Projects Executions.

Are you having problems with floor joints? Is it slowing down production of your industrial facility?

Check out the product details-


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