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Structural Repair and Maintenance Specialist – Concrete Care

Unwanted movement in buildings can cause a good deal of distress and worry for homeowners. Subsidence, physical disturbance and a failure of building materials are just some of the factors that can impact on the structural integrity of a property. Fortunately, while there are many reasons why a building can move, modern repair technology and advances in application techniques mean that effective solutions are on hand to tackle the problem.

In certain circumstances this can result in instability in the walls, causing movement that shows itself as cracks in the fabric of the affected building. However, in most cases, while the cracking associated with drought conditions can be unsightly and distressing but is often of little structural significance and may even close back up after rainfall. Heavy rainfall can also take its toll, but this is generally a matter of regular building maintenance rather than extremes of weather.

Concrete Care Structural Repairs Services

Established in the Year 1968, “Concrete Care India Pvt Ltd.” is a prominent firm engaged in providing world class products and services in the field of Waterproofing, Repairs, Roofing, Flooring and related Civil Works. They are distributors of a range of Construction Chemicals, Waterproofing Material and other Building Materials.

The products they offer have found their use in various leading private sector units, government & semi-government firms and housing projects. Moreover, their organization renders reliable services for Restoration, Structural Repair &  Maintenance of Heritage Structures. These services are rendered by a team of proficient experts, which is updated with the aspects of the respective field. The services we provide are widely appreciated by the patrons for their reliability, cost-effectiveness, on-time completion and customer-oriented approaches. Concrete Care provides structural repair and retrofitting services for old and dilapidated building to restore their strength and extend their life. Their services include – Successful remedy to structural instability, Necessary competencies and experience, Cost effective and Long term success of any structural repair programme.


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