Concrete care for construction needs

Concrete care

Concrete is the most commonly used man-made material on earth. It is an important construction material used extensively in buildings, bridges, roads, and dams. It is a composite material, consisting mainly of Portland cement, water and aggregate (gravel, sand or rock). When these materials are mixed, they form a workable paste which then gradually hardens over time. Concrete, therefore, have a much wider range of structural applications, including pavements, footings, pipes, unit masonry, floor slabs, beams, columns, walls, dams, and tanks.

Important properties of concrete that are governing the design of a concrete mix, are strength, durability, workability, economy. It is a relatively cheap material and has a relatively long life with few maintenance requirements. It is strong in compression and non-combustible.

According to wiki reports, Concrete usage worldwide, ton for ton, is twice that of steel, wood, plastics, and aluminum combined. Globally, the ready-mix concrete industry, the largest segment of the concrete market, is projected to exceed $600 billion in revenue by 2025.

Concrete technologies and application, therefore, has an abundance of demand for construction needs. Specialized care is needed for concrete treatment. One such group that does this specialized work  is Concrete Care.

Concrete Care for your construction needs with precision

Concrete Care India Pvt Ltd, deliver world-class services, products and technologies to their clients with assured quality. They have in-depth domain knowledge and ensure that they provide the best solutions to their clients. Concrete Care continues to evolve as an organization and is committed to excellence in every aspect.

They cater to engineers, contractors, and applicators. Their service range involves- waterproofing, concrete repair and rehabilitation, industrial flooring and wall coating, floor treatment, topping, protective coatings and bonding, injection grouting, structural strengthening, maintenance of heritage structures, tile fixing, corrosion solution, tile fixing solutions and many more.

The company also acts as a troubleshooting provider for high-performance maintenance coating, high-temperature coating and acid and alkali resistant coatings, surface protective coatings, fire retardant coatings, heat reflective coatings, and road marker coatings.