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SS – ProtectoCon AC Anticarbonation coating- Concrete Building/Structure 

Carbonation in reinforced concrete is one of the most common forms of deterioration in structures. It is the reaction of carbon dioxide from the environment with the calcium hydroxide in the cement paste. Due to carbonation, the protective oxide layer surrounding the structure’s reinforcing steel breaks down and corrosion or rusting starts. Deterioration is much faster in structures such as bridges which are associated with the ingress of water and freeze/thaw cycling. Once the concrete is rusting, concrete starts to stall and falls off leaving an open passage for contaminants to easily penetrate the concrete. That’s where anti-carbonation coating comes in. They protect concrete from the carbonation and also from chlorides and sulfate-induced corrosion by acting as a barrier against these pollutants along with water. 

SS – ProtectoCon AC is an Elastic-Elastomeric Coating based on advanced acrylic polymer technology. The coating is extended with select mineral fillers, which in synergy with the acrylic polymers, provide the coating with extreme carbonation, ultraviolet light and water resistance while maintaining excellent crack-bridging characteristics and low resistance to water vapour diffusion, making the coating breathable. SS – ProtectoCon AC contains no solvents and is, therefore, eco-friendly.

Due to a synergistic combination of properties, SS – ProtectoCon AC is best suited for the protection of concrete from environmental effects of water, pollution, UV light and chlorides. It can be used in all non-water-submerged areas and for the protection of Reinforced concrete and plasters. By virtue of its crack-bridging and protective properties, this material can be used to protect new structures or even distressed concrete structures showing hairline cracks and in repair strategies. Due to the combination of properties, the material is especially suited to the coating of Bridge piers above the tidal line, and the complete superstructure and appurtenances. It is also especially suited for water tanks, buildings, stations, and many such above-ground RCC Structures. Meets the requirement for Anti-Carbonation Coatings from IRC SP:80 and the MORTH Orange Book. The coating is known to provide very long-term protection, even in marine conditions.

Advantages of SS – ProtectoCon AC

  • Solvent-free coating for Concrete and Plasters 
  • Both for exterior use and well-ventilated indoors 
  • Low VOC 
  • Elastic-Elastomeric coating with excellent crack bridging 
  • High Resistance to Carbon-Dioxide Diffusion 
  • Low Resistance to Water Vapour Diffusion
  • Waterproof 
  • UV Resistant for Long-Lasting Protection 
  • Resistant to environmental pollution and soot 
  • Reduces Biological growths, moss, fungus etc.
  • Can be pigmented to the required colours

The durability of concrete can be greatly enhanced by the use of apt protective anti-carbonation coatings such as SS – ProtectoCon AC that can form a physical and a chemical barrier against ingress of water, chlorides, CO2 and SO2. Paints and other decorative coatings are designed for aesthetic purposes and normally not for the protection of concrete against carbonation, chloride attack, UV radiations and for crack bridging properties. It protects against carbonation, chloride attack, moisture, vapour transmission and weathering agents.

SS – ProtectoCon AC- from Assess Build Chem Pvt. Ltd. 

SS – ProtectoCon AC is manufactured by Assess Build Chem Pvt. Ltd. The company focuses on sustainable construction and designing green concrete with high-performance Admixtures. They promote Concrete Protection Systems (Anti-Carbonation and others) for enhancing the life expectancy of structures. The company also offer special systems for cleaning, protection and restoration of Heritage Structures.

Over two decades old, Assess Build Chem Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 1994 and is an accredited ISO 9001:2015 company. The company provides the construction industry with a wide range of services ranging from concrete technology, construction chemicals, material engineering services and training. They offer tailor-made material and construction chemical solutions for the construction industry to address specific issues faced by our customers. 

Assess Build Chem Private Limited provides construction chemical solutions in the fields of Admixtures, Concreting and Finishing Aids, Dry-mix mortars, Waterproofing, Repairs, Protection, Flooring and Specialty Materials for application in the field of Building Construction, Infrastructure (roads, airports, ports, railways), Water and Wastewater Treatment, Energy Sector and Power Plants, Industrial Structures and Heritage Structures. Centrally located production facilities and a network of trained applicators – all over India, helps them reach their customers.

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