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Saving water during construction and achieving operational efficiencies

Construction is a resource-intensive process, involving the use of materials, sand and water. Among these resources, the need to conserve water has been a pressing one in the construction space. With innovation in construction technologies, you can now optimize groundwater usage to a large extent during the construction phase. Water tables in urban areas are fast depleting due to rapid urbanization which in turn is increasing the need for piped drinking water. The need of the hour is to adopt sustainable practices in every sphere to save water for future generations.

Water consumed in the pre-construction stage is generally sourced from groundwater leading to further water scarcity. As per Wienerberger India’s estimates (approx and conservative). every 1 Sq Mt. of wall construction, an average of 350 liters of water gets consumed.

In most scenarios, the maximum water use during construction happens during the following activities:

  1. Pre-wetting Bricks
  2. Mixing & re-mixing of mortar
  3. Washing masonry tools
  4. Curing of walls before and after plastering

Based on estimates the water usage ranges from 10% -60% of the water available for the construction, depending on the activities listed above. For example, curing needs almost 60% of water whereas mixing of mortar needs around 20% of available water. Considering the volume of construction in urban areas, saving water in the pre-construction stage bolsters the water conservation practices in the construction space.

As a part of its strategic focus on developing sustainable and innovative processes in building construction, Wienerberger India has come up with a simple yet innovative solution through its Porotherm Dryfix.System. The product can help radically reduce water consumption during the construction phase of a building and increase operational efficiencies. It is a superglue system that eliminates the need for wet mortar and drastically reduces the requirement of water for any type of wall construction (in-fill masonry or partition walls as well as external walls). The product also enables the enhanced speed of construction resulting in faster delivery of building projects.

It comes along with Porotherm Grinded clay hollow bricks or Smart Bricks as a total solution. The bricks are a hallmark in precision technology, resulting in exceptional dimensional uniformity that can also reduce plaster thickness leading to huge plaster mortar savings for the builder. The system also eliminates the need for curing, thus further leading to significant water savings.

Application of Porotherm Dryfix.System

Porotherm Dryfix.System is a revolutionary super glue that guarantees:

  • 3X Faster Demands less manpower & skills
  • Zero requirement of water – No curing
  • Zero requirement of sand – No conventional mortar used
  • Zero wastage at the site – Clean & Dry site

Features of Porotherm Dryfix. System;

  • Single component: Dryfix. Can is ready to use and easy to transport
  • Faster as compared to traditional masonry
  • The stronger adhesive bond between bricks
  • Clean and dry construction site: No debris to be transported and disposed
  • Enhances thermal protection through the elimination of thermal bridges in vertical and horizontal joints
  • Saves time: Conducting, chasing and plastering can begin the very next day (after Dryfix wall construction)
  • Mason-friendly system: Easy to assemble and easy to apply 

About Wienerberger India

Wienerberger started its operation in India in 2009. In its more than decade-long history in the country, the organisation has remained a market leader in delivering high-quality clay building materials for modern living. Its sustainable, future-ready solutions are setting trends in new-age constructions while improving people’s quality of life. Wienerberger has its own state-of-the-art production facility in Karnataka, which is also its first Asian plant. In continuation with its rich global legacy of 200 years, the goal of Wienerberger India is to meet the design requirements of architects, developers and builders while creating natural and healthy living spaces for Indian consumers.

For more information- visit https://www.wienerberger.in/

To know more about the product, visit- https://www.wienerberger.in/products/wall/smart-bricks-offer-smart-solutions.html


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