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CMTi Upcoming Online Live Workshop on Digital Construction 4.0

In the era of Construction 4.0, it is possible to offer personalized, smart and connected construction management systems. This involves a digital transformation of the industry, with digitized design, construction, and operation. Such a digital transformation goes through a paradigm shift in the construction industry. Projects are now time-bound and the Government & Private Employers are reducing the Project duration. With these timelines, Projects have to use the Latest technologies in Construction Project Management. In regard to this Construction Management Training Institute [CMTi] is coming with an online live workshop on Digital Construction 4.0.

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In this 5 days Online Live workshop, all the upcoming / latest technologies you will learn from the Experts.

  • Drones Usage in Construction

Drones are being used in Progress Monitoring, Surveying, Quality Assessment, Safety Assessment and various applications of Construction

  • Internet of Things in Construction

IoT is used in Home Automation, Office Automation, Construction Sites and in Smart Cities.

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

AR & VR Technologies being used in various stages of project developments/product developments of large projects, Interiors, Real Estate companies are using this technology.

  • 3d Printing

Recently IIT Madras, L&T Construction done 3d printing houses, in future, the houses will be printed as per the requirements, technology is advancing and duration of projects reduced with better quality & cost.

  • Building Information Modelling 

Large projects are adopting BIM in all their projects, for faster delivery and with so many advantages. 

  • Modular Construction

India has the ambition to provide “ Housing for all” , for producing mass housing, we need to explore new technologies like Modular Construction.

This 5 days online live workshop is being delivered by Knowledgeable Experts, do enroll for the program and gain your experience

Registration Cost for the Programme is Rs 1199 /- 

Registration Link :

Use “ CONFAC” DISCOUNT COUPON CODE FOR GETTING DISCOUNT OF RS 200. For the First 25 Audience the Coupon code available.

Who can attend;

Architects / Engineers / Builders/ Students can attend this program.

About CMTI

CMTI is a professional organization working towards development of Construction Professionals through structured Training programmes online and offline. 

CMTI was founded by Er S G Ashok Kumar, a Project Management & Green Building Professional, who has an experience of working for companies such as L&T, JMC and many more. He has trained more than 5000+ Engineers and placed 1000+ Engineers across India.

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