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Rockfall Protection & GeoHazard Mitigation Products – TechFab India

TechFab India was founded in 2003 with the objective of providing world-class geosynthetic products and services to cater to the needs of infrastructure and construction sectors. We are now India’s leading manufacturer of geosynthetics in terms of widest range and high quality of our products. Looking to the growing needs of the rapidly expanding infrastructure sector, we are expanding our business to serve the needs of geohazard mitigation.

Landslides, rockfalls, avalanches and other slope failures triggered by extreme rainfall events and developmental activities are increasingly becoming a major hazard in mountainous and hilly areas. Measures for controlling slope failures and protecting the lives of the people residing in these areas and the large number of tourists and pilgrims travelling to these locations are to be accorded the highest priority. Recognizing this critical need, Techfab India has established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Haridwar to produce a new line of engineered high performance products made from high quality steel, which have extensive applications in slope stabilization and protection.

Our range of specialty products specifically engineered for the mitigation of geohazards associated with slope failures includes the following product lines:

TechRhombus High Tensile Rope Net System for Rockfall Protection

TechRhombus is a very strong, tough and flexible steel rope net system comprising high tensile steel wire ropes and steel wire knot (SWK) or high resistance clip (HRC) jointing systems which can be used for both active and passive rockfall protection. TechRhombus with Galfan coating has exceptional corrosion resistance. For drapery system for rockfall protection, TechRhombus is used with a secondary double twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh and anchoring system.

TechSlope Mesh Flexible Slope Stabilization System

TechSlope Mesh is a very strong and flexible net made from high tensile steel wires which is used as a flexible facing system for stabilizing rock and soil slopes in combination with rock bolts / anchors /soil nails. The mesh is connected to anchoring elements using steel bearing plates or using a grid beam method. The product with Galfan coating has exceptional corrosion resistance. Adjacent TechSlope Mesh panels are connected using special connection clips.TechSlope Mesh facing systems have several advantages over conventional rigid facings like shotcrete.

TechAnchor Self Drilling Anchors

TechAnchors are high performance self-drilling anchors with high tensile strength, excellent bond with soil and rock and exceptional durability, which are available in various sizes and with protective coatings like zinc, epoxy etc. The anchors are supplied with all required accessories like drill bits, couplers, bearing plate and hex nuts. TechAnchor system is fully compliant to EN 14490. TechAnchors are designed to drill without casingin loose soils as well as rock. These have extensive applications in slope stabilization, retaining structures, foundations of structures, tunnelling and mining. The system can be used for both temporary and permanent applications. With TechAnchors, there is no need for cased boreholes and there is increased productivity since drilling, insertion and grouting is done in a single operation.

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