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Repair products for Industrial flooring from AVCON Technics

The deterioration in concrete flooring occurs in the form of cracks. This is caused by several factors including water ingress, expansion and contraction and a multitude of other reasons. Don’t casually ignore this as ordinary wear-and-tear. Even the slightest damage to your concrete floor can lead to bigger problems. DO the repair first time Right.!

Timely identification of concrete floor cracks and adopting preventive measures are essential. Right methods and products for the repair of the floor can be used upon the evaluation and causes of the cracks in the floor. AVCON Technics offers a wide range of products for concrete floor repair products to suit your repair requirement.

AVCON Floor Repair Products

Superfluid Concrete

AVCRETE superfluid micro concrete is used for large section repairs. It is a very low permeability material that does not contain any chlorides, sulphates, amorphous silica or harmful chemicals. The product is used in large volume repairs for sections ranging from 50mm-200mm. Higher thicknesses are achievable depending on the configuration of the repair, location and volume of exposed reinforcing steel.


  • High level of control of plastic and long-term drying shrinkage
  • Low alkali content minimizes risk of alkali-silica reaction
  • Low permeability provides excellent protection against carbonation and chloride attack
  • Exceptional flow allows pumping or pouring into restricted locations
  • Self-compacting nature eliminates honeycombing and displaces air without vibration

Heavy-Duty Floor Screed and Repair mortar

Heavy-Duty Floor Screed and Repair mortar has minimum setting time which allows traffic in max 8 hours after application and which lasts long. It is used for critical floor patch repair.


  1. Repair of patches for early opening to traffic
  2. Very high early strength with very early setting allowing traffic in 2-3 hours
  3. Abrasion Class AR2 (as per BS 8204)

About AVCON Technics Pvt. Ltd.

Avcon is India’s first flooring company with ISO 9001-2015 certification in Concrete Floor Design, Manufacturing of Products and Projects Executions. With its in-house R&D & vast knowledge, it has developed a wide range of repair products. These products have become benchmarks in the flooring industry. The repeated customer association with some of the biggest brands is a testimony to the company’s excellent performance.

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