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Provide policy report on C&D Waste by Oct 18th

Chandigarh civic body  on Oct 18th 2021 ask  UT adviser to give a policy report in C&D Waste

 The directions were issue after the MC finalised draft policy which recommends fining transporters and generators violating C&D waste rules. Fine of Rs.5500 per vehicle  imposed for dumping unprocessed C&D waste  in  low lying sites or landfills or public places .

In the draft submitted to UT administration  the fine will be increased to 10% every year on 1st of April.

 The authorities to issue a challan either to sub divisional engineer or junior engineer of the road wing or   enforcement inspectors of MC. Builder or an individual going to re-construct their houses C& D processing waste cost of Rs.17- per Per Sq. Meter per storey.

For new construction Rs.20 per sq. at the time of approval of the buildingplan from the municipal corporation or UT estate officer.

 The above rate will be increased by 10% annually on base rate from 1st April every year.

Any questions relating to their interpretation will be referred to municipal commission. There decision will be final  and no appeal to any court. Law is maintained according to the police sources


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