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PRONIL INTUFLAME: Intumescent Fire Strip

In case of any emergency fire outbreak, the first point of consideration should be ensuring the safe evacuation of the people inside the burning building. Sometimes fires can spread quickly and hamper people’s evacuation. Unlike conventional doors, a fire door is built to be more resistant to fire. It is also usually fitted with seals around the edges that can halt the spread of fire and smoke to unaffected areas of your building. One of the key components in a fire door is the intumescent strip. It is a strip fixed on the fire exit doors to resist smoke & flame entry. The Intumescent fire strip will block the small spaces between the door & frame to which fire can seep and move into unaffected parts of the building.

The Intumescent strip expands when exposed to extreme heat, closing gaps between the door and frame in the process. This helps stop fire and smoke from passing into other rooms. Depending on the type of intumescent strip, you can expect to get 30 to 60 minutes of fire resistance with this installation. This in turn provides occupants with enough time to safely evacuate the building whilst emergency services work to extinguish the fire. Intumescent seals are typically fixed into the door frame, but they can also be fitted into grooves along with the door.

Advantages of Installing Intumescent Strips on Your Doors?

  • Halt the spread of a fire ensuring more time for proper evacuation during a fire outbreak.
  • Contain the quick spread of smoke from the burning part of the building to other areas.
  • Provides more time to save your property.

PRONIL INTUFLAME: Intumescent Fire Strips will help halt the spread of fire in your building. It is a thermoplastic and expandable graphite-based intumescent flexible fire strip. It is a certified strip to prevent air circulation and the escape of hot gases and smoke for fire doors and buildings. It is easy to install and comes with self-adhesive backing.

PRONIL INTUFLAME Intumescent Fire Strip is designed to expand to many times its installation size to prevent air circulation and the escape of hot gases and smoke between doors, frames and other potential gaps where fire resistance is required. In addition our fire strip ensures smoke and toxic gas reduction.

The product products have been extensively tested to the latest EU standards and have achieved Efectis Era approval assessed against the requirements of the technical schedules.

Fire door seals are fitted to the stiles and head of a door set, either in the grooves of the doorframe or mounted on the surface.  Regulations surrounding intumescent strips also require specific installation and fitting based on your building and fire door type. PRONIL specializes in manufacturing high-performance Intumescent strips.

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