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Polyacrylate Cement Terrazzo Flooring

A case study on Polyacrylate Cement Terrazzo Flooring in a Retail Store-South India executed with Neocrete product

Cement terrazzo tiles were in vogue for a long time in India. However, cast-in-situ cement terrazzo floorings have got the fancy of designers in order to deliver stunning looks and maintenance-free floors. However, typical cast in-situ 15 to 18mm cement terrazzo is laid over a 32mm green concrete as wet-on-wet. This type of cement terrazzo floors have the following disadvantages:

  • A minimum of 15mm has to be laid leading to a dead-load of 33 Kg/sq.m
  • There are inherent difficulties in achieving complex designs
  • This typical cement terrazzo has a tendency to shrink after laying, leading to random cracks
  • Cement terrazzo is not stain-proof and can not withstand spillage of chemicals etc
  • Turn-around time is longer due to its curing schedule
  • Only limited colour options are available

However, Neocrete had developed polyacrylate cement terrazzo flooring, which is a mixture of specialty polymers combined with cement and state-of-the-art additives that make it possible to achieve 10mm cement terrazzo that has the following unique advantages:

  • Ultra cement terrazzo is specially formulated to achieve non-shrink properties resulting in crack-free surface
  • It can be done over cured concrete and hence capable of achieving complex designs and patterns
  • Unlike typical cement terrazzo, Polyacrylate Ultra terrazzo can be laid to 10mm thickness
  • A wide variety of colours can be achieved
  • It is fast-setting and grinding and polishing can be started within 48 hours of laying the terrazzo
  • The sealer resists most of the stains and gives very high abrasion resistance.

These were the advantages, that caught the fancy of the designers in the just-completed fashion retail store in South-India and the result was breath-taking as can be seen from the following photographs.

The step-by-step procedure is laid out below:

1. Floor before commencing the terrazzo
2. Checking the moisture content
4. Finishing one colour Ultra cement terrazzo
5. Finishing with second and third colours
6. Finishing the entire design
7. Grinding Ultra cement terrazzo
8. Washing after polishing
9. Application of sealer

Few Views of the Flooring

Some of the first for this project:

  • First of its kind fashion retail store to have used Neocrete’s Ultra cement terrazzo flooring in india
  • First installation to have used the amazing colour combinations to designate various floors of this complex

Neocrete Technologies takes pride in being part of this project and sincerely thank the developers to have given this opportunity.


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