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Mysuru development body to reclaim properties from CA violators

aking cognisance of the misuse of civic amenity (CA) sites by beneficiaries, the Mysore Urban Development Authority (Muda) has initiated proceedings to reclaim properties from those found guilty of the violation.

Muda has devised a plan to lease the properties that will be reclaimed from the beneficiaries. The civic agency believes this will, in addition to deterring other beneficiaries from misusing CA sites, ring in some much-needed revenue.

Muda is currently leasing land to various institutions and organisations to hold religious, cultural, sporting and fitness events. The properties are generally leased for a period of 30 years and most of these sites are in prime locations in Mysuru city. Muda is mandated by the government to earmark a parcel of land in each locality for uses grouped under ‘CA’. These properties are subsequently given to institutions or individuals for a very nominal price.

However, the rampancy of these properties being either misused or neglected has prompted Muda to initiate action against such violators. Muda commissioner DB Natesh said that the civic agency had compiled a list of 650 CA sites, wherein the owner had been found to have flouted the rules.

A Muda official said that the agency was contemplating leasing properties for shorter duration against longer periods since it would help officers check for violation of rules more closely.


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