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Mining construction equipment manufacturers in India

The increasing need for mineral fertilizers, rise in construction of roads & railway tracks through hilly areas is expected to fuel the demand for mining activities in India. ICRA also has recently stated that the mining and construction equipment industry is likely to grow by 15-20 % in 2021. A rapid increase in construction activity coupled with government efforts to boost the mechanization of mines has led to the demand for the mining machinery market in the country. Technological advancements and innovations are expected to drive the mining equipment sector’s growth. The manufacturers in the market are focusing on such rough terrain challenges and are developing construction equipment models that can be used for the extraction of specific minerals or metals. They are working for manufacturing of equipment with innovative designs and technologies that improve the capability and reliability of mining systems responsible for extraction, and refinement. Manufacturers are also incorporating more sophisticated hydraulic functions that allow the operator to adjust hydraulic flow to the muti- application purpose at the job site. Given below are the different types of mining construction equipment used across India for mining applications.

Mining construction equipments in india


Modern mining excavators combine designs with the latest technological advances to ensure higher efficiency of excavation in mining sites. These excavators come with high horsepower, an efficient engine, a comfortable cab, advanced hydraulics, rugged structures, powerful arm and bucket-digging forces and many more other features. They also have shovel configuration and a variety of buckets and attachments, for various site conditions. The hydraulic system with independent closed-loop swing function in this equipment not only assures smooth compound work machine movements but also shortens the work cycle time. Unique four pump system and independent swing function assure smooth compound movements of the work equipment. The unique positive flow control system controls all pumps for efficient use of motor power. This system also reduces hydraulic loss during operation, resulting in low power consumption. The excavators can also be controlled by using the new ECO gauge, clearly visible on the cab’s multifunctional monitor. The comfortable cabins and controls allow operators to work for long hours with ease. Other new features of the equipment include the synchronised motion of the seat and console to reduce operator fatigue and the adjustable console height with three positions to choose from. The latest models are also built with reinforced parts that are ideal for the digging and loading of heavy materials.

Tata Hitachi ZAXIS 870-5G

Wheel loader

The latest models are equipped with a standard bucket of 13.0 cubic metre capacity. The wheel loaders are now designed to achieve greater operating hours with a robust structural design and modular components. Due to the power regeneration capacity of the SR Hybrid Drive technology the fuel consumption is very low in this mining equipment. They are attached with an electronic heavy-duty common rail fuel injection system and with optimum combustion of fuel. This system also provides fast throttle response to match the machine’s powerful tractive effort. Modern wheel loaders are highly fuel-efficient and come with a low noise feature. The buckets are manufactured with high tensile strength steel with replaceable – welded wear plates for extended bucket life. Additional strength is added to the bucket bottom corners, side edges and spill guard ends for increased durability. It comes with tensile Z-bar loader linkage for maximum rigidity and the large breakout force required for mining applications. Sealed loader linkage pins help extend greasing intervals. The front and rear frames and the loader linkage have more torsion rigidity to secure resistance against increased stress. The operator cabin with inbuilt ROPS / FOPS canopy that is large and spacious, with comfortable seating and power windows.

Komatsu India WA480-6A

Backhoe loader

Mining backhoe loaders come equipped with a large bucket at the front and an excavator at the rear, they help you carry out your various construction operations at the mining site. The latest models come with 4-wheel drive and it can operate on all types of terrain, including muddy, uneven and uneven ground. The Hydraulic System consists of a 38 litre capacity plastic hydraulic tank with a variable displacement pump, closed center backhoe control valve and loader control valve with steering priority valve and output device cylinders. An extensive range of attachments can be easily attached to the backhoes to perform some of the most difficult tasks at the job site. It features mechanical control levers for backhoe operation, centre pivot design and analogue display clusters. Reliable engine and wet axles are designed for high resistance and efficient load distribution. It also comes with standard buckets for loading bulk materials, grapple buckets for feeding and silage, pallet forks, specific attachments for mowing, drilling, digging, raking, excavating below the level of the work platform, etc.


Motor graders

Modern models of motor graders feature heavy-duty tandem axle, front axle leaning and oscillations, articulated frame structure, ZF power shift transmission and variable flow load sensing hydraulic system. The powershift transmission and machine balanced design ensures that you get full drawbar power to the ground with the engine and the all-wheel-drive (AWD) option assists with traction and maneuvering in loose material. The hydraulic system makes the machines more precise and predictable for a consistent grade. The Digital Blade Slope Meter option shows you the grade without relying on manual grade checkers. You can choose your comfort level in the cab with a standard, mechanical suspension or air suspension seat. Easily adjust the control console and steering wheel. The high capacity Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system option circulates fresh air, prevents dust entry and keeps windows from fogging. Newer models have a fully automatic power-shift transmission, variable fan drives, lock up-clutch, an electronic pump controller, advanced electronic diagnostic and display and telematics for remote monitoring of the motor grader.

CAT 120K Motor Grader


The modern bulldozer model is designed for tough mining and extraction operations and provides sufficient power to contend with any situation. The hydrostatic travel drive in the bulldozer operates smoothly and it automatically adjusts the working speed to the load conditions. The torque is constant on both tracks without interruption. This allows exact and powerful steering. When working in narrow areas, the hydrostatic travel drive offers an additional benefit. All steering motions – including turning on the spot – are fast and precise. When involved in ripping work, the ripper can be positioned precisely to enable it to apply great power when ripping layers of hard rock. The bulldozers provide a smooth ride, precise blade control and a perfect view of the blade corners. It, therefore, can deliver optimum productivity during heavy-duty pushing operations The optional GPS navigation system displays the status of works in progress, as well as the surrounding terrain. This allows the operator to fully focus, achieving maximum productivity.

Case India 1650 L-Series Dozers

Dump truck

Latest dump trucks are designed to meet mining, quarry & construction needs according to load size. These are designed to tackle the harshness of mining and construction applications. The towing member is one piece of cast iron and is strong enough to hold up to 32 tonnes with its tow hook. The bull bar is tougher and larger, as are the corner bumpers, which are made out of three-millimeter thick high-grade steel. With its box-like construction, the front is incredibly sturdy and designed for a high approach angle. The engine’s power is available virtually from idling speed, which ensures excellent starting traction. This power stays with you throughout and maximum torque is available high up the rev range (2500 Nm at 1050-1450 rpm). The cab offers maximum driving comfort and safety thereby ensuring high driver productivity. The new platform in dump trucks is fitted with 3 steerable axles and rugged suspension optimized for tough mining conditions along with customised high capacity body configurations of 26.1 & 24 Cu.m for overburden applications. It comes with a unique Dynafleet telematics system that enables drivers to further improve their fuel-saving skills and to manage the fleet efficiently and cost-effectively. Dump Truck can carry heavy loads due to its high tonnage front twin axles, rear tandem drive axle, and a tag non-driven axle. Rear bogie & front suspension is also reinforced to withstand high loads under tough conditions.

Volvo India FMX 440 Dump Truck


As discussed above, mining construction equipment manufacturers are focusing on multitasking ability of the equipment for a range of tasks. Hydraulics and engines are being attached to match the tough terrain condition of construction mines. from material handling to man cage operations. The aim is to provide the construction equipment that is highly fuel efficient and combines flexibility and versatility at mine sites.


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