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Micro monofilament glass fibers – supplied by Dharti Design & Decor

Concrete tends to develop cracks due to factors such as shrinkage, temperature changes, or external loads. Glass fibers help control the formation and propagation of cracks by distributing stress more evenly throughout the material. They act as micro-reinforcements, bridging small cracks and preventing their expansion, thereby enhancing the durability and longevity of the concrete. Concrete reinforced with glass fibers exhibits improved resistance to various deteriorating factors, including chemical attacks, freeze-thaw cycles, and alkali-aggregate reactions. The fibers act as a barrier, reducing the penetration of aggressive substances into the concrete matrix and minimizing the potential for degradation. The selection of the right glass fibers is pivotal for project requirements. Dharti Design & Decor is one of the suppliers of KDMFIBER® glass fibers in India. The glass fibers provide concrete with enhanced strength, crack resistance, impact resistance, durability and workability. These properties contribute to the longevity, safety, and performance of concrete structures in various applications.

KDMFIBER® are micro monofilament glass fibers with engineering properties. The product is uniformly dispersed in every cubic meter of concrete/mortar. When added with concrete and mortar  the fiber develops a Micro Secondary Reinforcement (MSR) system. These monofilament fibers help control shrinkage cracking by providing restraint and distributing the stresses caused by shrinkage. The glass fibers are also highly resistant to chemicals, alkalis, and corrosion. When incorporated into concrete, they enhance its resistance to environmental factors such as freeze-thaw cycles, chloride ingress, and chemical attack.

Why choose KDMFIBER®?

  • Provide Micro Secondary Reinforcement
  • Compatible with all type of Concrete materials and Admixtures
  • Prevents micro shrinkage cracks
  • Impact and Abrasion Resistance
  • Shrinkage and Cracking Control
  • Easy Mixing and Dispersion
  • Lightweight
  • Specially developed for the reinforcement of cementitious mortars
  • Increase the tensile strength and flexural toughness of concrete/mortar, thereby reducing thermal expansion/contraction
  • Protects sharp edges and corners of plaster from damages
  • Reduces permeability, which helps prevent corrosion of steel
  • Reduce the chance of leakage, water seepage, and dampness

Types and Applications of KDMFIBER®

Dharti Design & Decor are suppliers of two types of glass fiber products for PCC, RCC, Plasters, Concrete Roads, Industrial Flooring etc.

  • KDMFIBER® 12mm: Used for all types of RCC, PCC, Concrete Roads, Industrial Floorings, Precast Industry, etc.
  • KDMFIBER® 6mm: Used for Plaster and other Cement base Construction Applications

Dharti Design & Decor supplies glass fibers in different sizes and packaging options for project requirements.

  • 6mm: 60 gm, 1kg, 20kg
  • 12mm : 85gm, 600gm, 1kg, 20kg
  • Special size (24mm) and Packaging Available for Bulk use and Export

About Dharti Design & Decor

The company is the distributor, supplier, and applicator of KDMFIBER® in India. They supply glass fiber products across India. The company also provides Concrete Repairs & Surface Treatment services. The company has vast experience of 30+ years in the construction industry and maintains an updated stock of products as per market requirements. Their supplied products are appreciated in the market for their consistent quality. To meet the various requirements of clients, the company offers products in varied packaging options.

For more details;
Contact; Rakshit Parekh 6366133788 / 9880621409


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