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Live Webinar on Empowering MSMEs For Growth

Date: 15th September 2021

TIme: 4:00 pm (IST)

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MSMEs form a sizeable part in all sectors of the economy and so also in the Service sector to which Consulting Engineering belong. They contribute 9% of GDP of the country. To enable them to grow and contribute to the Nation’s prosperity they need to reorient their mode and style of functioning and be prepared to accept challenges albeit what they can deliver.

The webinar would help provide a better understanding of the MSME’s concepts, obtaining funding, restructuring and financing including the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Pre Packaged plan) and Risk Assessment Management strategies. MSME’s give employment to avery large number of persons. In fact India has been ranked number 2 as a manufacturing hub after China.

The Government of India is also keen to help the Service Sector grow and has therefore initiated measures to provide the necessary impetus for making the MSME’s a stronghold for nurturing the country’s economy. It also desires that it becomes a major centre for India’s exports.

MSMEs and Consulting Engineers are urged to participate and understand how to take their operations forward for the good of all.


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