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Joint waterproofing tape for floor and wall application from Pronil

A joint waterproofing tape adheres tightly to the applied surface and helps to make the building waterproof. It creates a complete waterproofing system by stopping the passage of water and air entrance in the buildings. Waterproofing tapes are one of the most commonly used complementary waterproofing materials to increase the structural strength of buildings. One such joint waterproofing tape is PROFLEX 3 PLY from Pronil.

It is a TPE elastic tape coated on both sides with special PES Non-woven fabric. It is highly tolerant of hydrostatic pressure and also vapour permeable, tear-proof and chemical resistant.


  1. It has a very good Compatibility with C2 Based Tile Adhesive, Epoxy Adhesive, Acrylic Polymer System, Any hybrid PU
  2. Being PES Non-Woven available on both sides, the bonding to the concrete substrate and to the above-mentioned adhesive is excellent
  3. The TPE coated three-ply tape with high extension in the cross direction and rigid lengthwise. It helps in withstand Movement to the PRECAST Joints
  4. Ideal waterproofing solution for Vulnerable and critical areas in concrete surfaces

Application Methodology:

  1. Completely clean the concrete surface which should be free from Dust & Laitance.
  2. Application of C2 Based Tile Adhesive @ 4mm thickness or Application of Epoxy Adhesive or Acrylic Polymer or Any hybrid PU on the concrete substrate.
  3. Laying of PROFLEX 3 PLY over the adhesive in L shape on all the corners. Allow the adhesive & tape to get dry for 1 hour.
  4. Overlapping of the Tape is 5cm Mandatory and overlapping should be done with epoxy or acrylic or PU coating.
  5. Perform the ideal waterproofing on top of the tape and on to the whole area left.
  6. This PRONIL tapes especially PROFLEX 3 Ply having a very good bonding with the substrate because of their Non-Woven property.
  7. After the sufficient curing period of waterproof coating, you can lay any tiles on top of it.
Application Methodology of PROFLEX 3 Ply

Application areas;

PROFLEX 3 PLY can be used for waterproofing in several places of buildings, which are;

  • In-wall as a Joint waterproofing tape
  • In-floor junctions and movement joints
  • It is also applied with tiles and natural stones for flexible waterproofing joints.
  • USED permanent sealing of various junctions and cracks in common with embedding materials, underneath ceramic tiles or natural stones, in outdoor or indoor construction parties like, bathroom, Kitchen, Balcony, Terrace etc.

PRONIL specializes in manufacturing high-performance Acrylic Swellable Bars, Bentonite Hydrophilic Waterstops and Expansion Joint Tapes for construction for two decades. Apart from PROFLEX 3 they also have a wide range of Expansion Joint tapes and Waterproofing flexible Joint sealing tapes.

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