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Intumescent Fire Door Strips – Pronil Intuflame

Fire doors are one of the most important components of a building for ensuring a  safe exit and minimizes building damage by preventing spread of fire during a fire breakout. One of the key components in a fire door is the intumescent strip. It is a fire-resistant strip that expands when exposed to extreme heat and closes gaps and edges that helps stop smoke and fire from spreading in the edges of door shutters, locks, handles, etc. It is fitted with seals around the edges. The edges of a door if not properly sealed can provide ingress of smoke so an intumescent strip is extremely important. PRONIL are specialized  in manufacturing and supplying intumescent strips that are designed to increase the level of fire safety for the building.

PRONIL INTUFLAME Intumescent Fire Strips

It is a thermoplastic and expandable graphite-based intumescent flexible fire strip. It is flexible and, thus, easy to install and comes with self-adhesive backing. The intumescent fire strip is designed to expand many times its installation size to prevent intrusion of smoke between doors, frames, and other potential gaps where fire resistance is required. In addition, the company’s fire strip ensures reduction of smoke and toxic gas.


  • Provide excellent sealing properties
  • Fire-proof, smoke-proof, and flame-retardant
  • Scope: suitable for all kinds of door and window crevices
  • Anti-impact, easy to clean, acid
  • Alkali Resistance,
  • Strong cold and heat resistance
  • Can be supplied in a variety of shapes for a wide range of applications
  • The thickness of the test pieces ranged from 1.5mm to 40 mm
  • Tested to the latest EU standard
  • It can be fitted under door hinges, locks and closures.
  • Can be used for new construction and retrofit applications

 PRONIL INTUFLAME standard sizes;

  • 1,5 mm x 15 mm 25 meters roll 300 meters in the box
  • 2 mm x 15 mm 25 meters roll 300 meters in the box
  • 1,5 mm x 20 mm 25 meters roll 225 meters in the box
  • 2 mm x 20 mm 25 meters roll 225 meters in the box
  • 1,5 mm x 30 mm 25 meters roll 150 meters in the box
  • 2 mm x 30 mm 25 meters roll 150 meters in the box


  • Steel door and frames
  • Aluminium doors
  • Timber doors
  • Glazing, facade, safe box and letterbox
  • Grille ventilation and air transfer plates
  • Intumescent pipe collar and pipe wrap strip
  • Intumescent duct wrap and sleeve
  • Intumescent socket box

PRONIL INTUFLAME intumescent fire strips halt the spread of a fire, ensuring more time for proper evacuation during a fire outbreak, containing the quick spread of smoke from the burning part of the building to other areas, and providing safety to your property.

About PRONIL Construction Chemicals

The company specialises in manufacturing high-performance Intumescent strips. Its other product range consists Acrylic Swellable Bars, Bentonite Hydrophilic Water stoppers and Expansion Joint Tapes.The company’s product range comprises new generation high-performance Acrylic Swellable Bars, Bentonite and Expansion Joint tapes for the effective sealing, High-performance sealing system and Waterproofing flexible Joint sealing tape.The company’s product range can be used in multiple applications such as doors, bathrooms, balconies, sunken slabs, kitchens, terraces, any wet room joints, tunnels etc.

If you are looking for fire safety intumescent strips, visit- or contact – +91 9489058644


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