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Interior Design Trends 2023 That You Might Not Know About

Individuality, nostalgia, sublime, and comfort are four words that can characterize the design trends of 2023. In the interior styles of this year, we will not find anything radically new that could fundamentally change your idea of home comfort. But they are a development of old ideas brought to mind and refracted through the past year’s events.

Popular interior styles: cozy minimalism

We leave the functionality and remove the cold, emptiness, and boredom. Warm colors, accent spots, decorative accessories, and knick-knacks are increasingly penetrating into the minimalism familiar to us all. This applies not only to classic minimalism but also to Scandinavian or Zen style. In such an interior, you want to relax, lie on a cozy sofa, watch YouTube on a big screen, read a book, write my paper or notes, or listen to music for meditation.

Such a vector change is because traditional minimalism does not give a large influx of emotions. And they are one of the most important resources in the modern world. The second reason is the uniformity and depersonalization of such interiors. They do not respond to the owner’s needs or give a feeling of something of their own. As a result, people have begun to tire of the purely minimalist approach.

The way out was a small compromise: to the steel core of minimalism began to accurately add eclectic details, bringing into the house comfort and harmony.

Distinctive features of cozy minimalism:

  • The presence of warm shades in the interior
  • The presence of accents
  • Creating a heterogeneity of textures, colors, and materials
  • Presence of pictures, posters, figurines, and other stylish decorative elements
  • Smooth, rounded shapes
  • Popular interior styles: soft eclectic

Since the most conservative interior style has changed, it is not surprising that it has touched its complete opposite. If before the eclecticism was bold, shouting, and booming, now it has something more restrained. It’s as if it went sharply from fifth speed to second.

The trend of returning to childhood was born last year. But now it has reached its final, shaped state. Delicate and airy colors are adjacent to rounded, soft, and fluffy shapes. Asymmetry is another important part of the style. The more uneven and untidy forms, the livelier and more interesting the interior looks.

In short, a certain childish naivety is trending this year. Dreams, fantasies, emotions, and a combination of contradictions inspire the interior. But without aggressive shades and sharp forms.

The distinctive features of soft eclecticism:

  • Warm, airy colors.
  • Rounded shapes of furniture and doorways
  • Asymmetry in furniture and home decor
  • Soft textures.
  • Children’s and naive interior themes

Popular interior styles: retro and mid-century

Mid-century is the third style to gravitate toward warm colors and rounded shapes. Here it is due to a return to the light and carefree past. However, symmetrical, flat, and smooth shapes are still preferred. Asymmetry can lead you casually to Memphis, which, however, is not a bad thing.

Popular interior colors: monochrome

Monochrome interiors are becoming a new trend, displacing wallpaper with ornaments and colored patterns. Surprisingly, the monochrome color scheme is trying to observe even on the ceiling and flooring. If you think it might be too boring or, on the contrary, too eccentric, there is already a solution to these problems.

Colored decorative items and textiles often complement the uniform tone of the room. A monochrome interior does not imply a complete rejection of other colors. They should be harmoniously woven into the room’s space through curtains, pillows, plaids, bedspreads, baskets, and other home accessories.

Accent blue, black and white

The versatile black and white accents will likely never go out of style. They go too well with absolutely any color and are suitable for all popular interior styles. For obvious reasons, we will not advise them within the monochrome basis of the room, as it should be exactly your weighted and informed choice.

But with blue is a little more interesting. It combines incredibly well with warm colors, creating bright spots and highlighting the right areas. By contrast with the “special colors,” blue lets you concentrate and organize your thoughts. Therefore, we advise using it in the work area or office, where solitude and concentration are required.

Lighter shades of blue can, on the contrary, encourage and inspire, filling the room with “air. This is especially important if the earthy coloring of the interior begins to pressure you.

Haptic materials

Visual beauty is gradually giving way to tactile beauty. This does not mean that visual aesthetics has gone by the wayside. Rather, it is now on a par with the material. Natural wood, embossed glass, cashmere and burlap, leather, and porous stone and concrete are increasingly being used.

All of these are also the result of a lack of tactile sensation or, simply, emotion. A relief environment also calms the nerves, preventing the accumulation of everyday stress. This attitude to the person’s internal state again shows an increasing tendency toward comfort. The interior is no longer created for others but for yourself.

Eco-friendly materials

When decorating homes and apartments, we can see the use of more environmentally friendly substitutes for conventional materials. Developments in technology and the general education of people have led to the fact that we started to pay more attention to global world events and changes in nature.

Even better if these pieces are handmade. Ideally, if your own. It’s not for nothing that boho is a repeater of the thoughts and ideas of creative bohemia. And you can easily count yourself among their number if you manage to curb the boho style.


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