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Installation of automatic machines in C&D waste plant to start soon

Work on turning the Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Plant into an automatic one is on at full swing. The private contractor has completed setting up the shed there and work on installation of machinery will start from next week. As there is a deadline for each work, senior officers of the engineering department are monitoring progress to ensure that the deadlines are met.

“Since the project is very crucial for us and senior officers of the UT administration are also keeping an eye on it, the progress of works is being monitored constantly and required directions being given. We hope to complete the work before the set deadline,” an official said.

After an intensive exercise over the past several months, the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has received and cleared public objections received for the policy, which has been subsequently sent to the Chandigarh administration for final notification. Since the C&D waste policy is a new one, it will be notified by the Punjab governor and UT administrator in consultation with the senior officers of the Chandigarh administration.

The civic body authority had received around a half a dozen public objections over the C&D waste policy. They were scrutinised on merit and discussions were held on points received. Changes were made on two objections before the policy was proposed to the UT administration for notification.

In the plant, after processing raw material, machines produce recycle aggregates such as stones, gravel and mix of debris to make concrete and related material. The recycled concrete goes into making tiles, curb channels and paver blocks, which the MC uses in different works. Silt, which is one of the by products, is used in filling jobs on construction sites.


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