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Industrial Flooring Products from AVCON Technics

The right industrial flooring solution is a critical factor for the workability of different floors due to a combination of stresses that the floor will have to withstand. The flooring solution must be able to handle freezing temperatures without weakening or cracking and maintain a hygienic environment. The products must withstand extreme temperatures and must be thermal shock and cycling-resistant. Other considerations that need to be factored in include point loading, impacts, foot traffic, MHE movement, slip resistance and chemical exposure. Avcon industrial flooring products cater to these sound technical flooring solutions that balance the requirement of compliance & functionality of industrial flooring. They provide solutions to projects of every size and scale, with their wide range of products. Avcon is India’s first flooring company with ISO 9001-2015 certification in Concrete Floor Design, Manufacturing of Products and Projects Executions.

Avcon industrial flooring products

An eye on users’ requirements & vision for the future has resulted in the development of several products for the Flooring Industry. Avcon, through its in-house R&D & vast knowledge of the flooring industry, Concrete technology & its applications, has developed a range of products that found usage in every segment of the flooring industry. These products can be divided broadly into the following categories.

  • High Impact & Abrasion Resistant Screed Mortar- High Impact & High Abrasion Resistant Thin Screed Mortar. Used for Heavy Duty Industrial Floor resurfacing mortar, Resurfacing of damaged, worn off floor, Floor level correction screed to meet flatness criteria and Resurfacing of the oil-soaked floor.
  • Conductive Flooring Mortar- Pre-blended cementitious conductive flooring mortar that comes with Anti-Static properties. It is suitable for Flammable areas, Data Centres, VGV Areas, Manufacturing and Testing Facilities, Hazardous Storage and Processing areas.
  • Self Levelling Floor Re-surfacer- Comes with Fast setting overlayment. It is used for Resurfacing Light and Medium duty Industrial Floors.
  • Pre-blended, Two-Component Polymer- modified mortar- Fast setting, high build, modified cementitious levelling screed. Specially formulated for quick and easy application. It is used for underlayment levelling screed below floor finishes like marble, granite, tiles, vinyl etc.
  • Pre-blended Polymer-modified, Trowelable thin screed mortar for floor underlayment- A thin underlayment 12 mm thick screed mortar for the new and old base concrete surface below the floor finishes link vinyl, epoxy, tiles, stones etc.
  • Screed mortar for very thin Overlays & Inlays with high bond and flexural strength- Ultra-thin (5mm) Heavy Duty High Abrasion Resistant Floor. It can be used as a final finish surface or can be over coated. It is also available in colours.
  • Heavy Duty High Abrasion Resistant Floor Screed mortar for thin Overlays & Inlays- It can be used as a final finished surface or can be over coated. Large areas can be installed in a single day with the product.
  • Pre-blended, Single Component Polymer-modified, Self-Leveling screed mortar for floor underlayment- 4-5 mm thick. Self- leveling screed on the new or old base concrete surface as leveling course for floor finishes like Vinyl floor, Epoxy, Tiles, Stones, etc. It minimises consumption of tile bed adhesive.

Avcon has been adding value to its core business, Design & Engineered Concrete Flooring Solutions, for more than three decades. Since its incorporation in 1992, the company has manufactured several products for the flooring industry. The company’s flooring projects and solutions have become benchmarks in flooring and case for reference and specifications.

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