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Implementation of IBMS/ UBMS for Indian Road Network

IBMS was introduced in 2015, by Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari as Minister of Road, Transport and Highways (MORTH) in an attempt to implement IBMS and he actively supported the project. When IBMS was initialized the whole process of data collection for inventory was digitized and online submission of collected data was probably attempted for the first time in the world. IBMS needed to be modified and that’s how the Unified/ Universal Bridge Management System (UBMS) came into existence.

Implementation in the road sector

Indian Road Congress (IRC) had welcomed presentations in three consecutive years since 2016 on IBMS at its annual meet. Based on the highlighted point that guidelines need to be revamped, IRC has taken a step to revisit all codes, special publications and guidelines posted by IBMS. Many state governments are taking an active look at having their own BMS to maintain the bridges on State highways and major district roads.

The recent introduction of concessionaires to Built, Operate and Transfer (BOT); Built, Operate, Lease and Transfer (BOLT); Toll Operate and Transfer (TOT) for road networks has resulted in an urgent need to create a system that addresses the necessity to have a cost-efficient life cycle management of bridges and other infrastructure on the road network. For addressing these deficiencies, a handbook on the Implementation of IBMS/ UBMS for Indian Road Network is coming out.

What does the handbook contain?

This handbook shares technical insight on how Implementing IBMS/ UBMS on the Indian road network will address this challenge. The contents of the book dwell on various aspects of Bridge Management and address the hurdles faced by state government departments and local municipal authorities to implement IBMS. The contents of the book include clarity on the concise summary of the Indian Bridge Management System and the use of  Bridge Management as a tool to ensure due diligence and to increase the efficiency of the department in managing the bridges. The handbook also addresses the approach to the procurement of services to implement IBMS for the Indian road network.

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This book has no cost but it has far-reaching knowledge value available in pdf format. You can pre-book this book before 25th June to order your signed digital copy HERE


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