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Flooring Restoration with Epoxy Hybrid Rolls

The increasing customer’s and applicator’s demand for quickly fixing their epoxy or PU floor damages which are mainly due to abrasions caused by humans, trolley’s and material handling equipment urged the need of solving it with an innovative solution. On an average, Indian manufacturing industries are in need of patch works on their epoxy/PU flooring twice or thrice in six months. Since, they are under a short time frame to restore their floor damages. Our team’s first challenge is to bring down the application time. Additionally, they were also able to reduce the cost of application, curing time and product cost.

Neocrete India’s highly passionate customer-centric R&D team was able to deliver a wide range of rolls with properties like Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD), Conductive and Insulative. Further, research in this technology will let us introduce more resinous flooring restoration in the near future.

Neocrete’s “Novel” product for cutting down application time to restore epoxy topcoat damages.

Generally conned to small works, epoxy floor repair work person’s are employed to repair the chipped surface and localized floor damage etc. Initially, they grind and prepare the surface for priming and followed by floor repair mortar or screed. After 8 to 12 Hrs of curing Epoxy or PU top coat is done and further curing takes place from 8 to 12 Hrs to start foot traffic. This can take a minimum 72 Hrs to reach a complete cure to withstand any impact strength and tensile strength. But, a full chemical resistance can be achieved only after 7 days.

In terms of Epoxy hybrid roll, It will mostly take 30 Mins to 1 Hr to grind/prepare the surface and Cut the roll as per the required area. Finally, by applying two component epoxy adhesive before placing the roll will get your floor cured in less than 5 Hrs. In just 6 Hrs, you can let the floor completely get restored in 8 Hrs.

Neocrete manufactures decorative and custom-designed products for floor protection, restoration and renovation of concrete surfaces. These products are based on epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic polymers and designed exclusively against the protection of surfaces against physical, mechanical, chemical and biological attacks.

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