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Epoxy/ PU Flooring Systems and their benefits for Pharmaceutical Industry

Have you ever wondered how the tablets, syrups, capsules, tonics, injections etc, we consume on a daily basis have been manufactured? You wonder If 1g of virus can bring humanity to its knees, what would happen if any bacteria can enter into any of the manufactured drugs? What kind of manufacturing practices, environment and quality criteria should exist to prevent any such incidents?

That is why, the pharmaceutical industry, unlike any other industry, is governed by numerous policies, regulations and guidelines. Starting from drug discovery, clinical trials, manufacturing practices, storage and delivery systems until it is administered, every step is carefully monitored, and best practices are implemented.

But what we are going to talk about today is the floor systems within which numerous factories churn out millions of doses of medicine every day, taking care every minute that no bacteria can exist within these walls. Maintenance procedures and sanitizing schedules have been drawn to ensure that the quality of drugs produced is of the highest standard. But these practices alone can not ensure hygiene and cleanliness. The floor systems have to be installed by companies who understand and comply with these flooring requirements that need to be seamless, anti-bacterial and chemical resistant materials and are of course, installed by workmen who are trained to do as per exacting standards. Neocrete Technologies is one such company that excels in these parameters and their clients like Cipla, Zydus Tekida, Wokhardt, Strides, Anglo-french, Rexam pharma, to name a few are standing testimonies of their commitment and excellence. The facilities inside a pharmaceutical plant have come a long way from the early days of 1980’s wherein strict requirements did not exist.

On the left is the flooring of a pharmaceutical plant in 1980 and on the right is flooring of a pharmaceutical plant in 2021.

Different types of Epoxy/ PU Flooring Systems for Pharmaceutical Industry


Epoxy flooring, being cast-in-situ system provide jointless, seamless system that ensures absolutely no chance of bacterial growth. Combined with Neocrete’s epoxy floor with a special anti-microbial additive ensures a long life with high hygienic protection. All jointless floors are not seamless. For example, vinyl flooring is available in specific widths and has to be installed and then heat-sealed. Thus it can be said to be joint-less, but it can not be hermetically sealed, thus paving the way for the possibility of microbes and pathogens seeking a place to proliferate.

Epoxy floor with a special anti-microbial additive ensures a long life with high hygienic protection in pharmaceuticals


Epoxy/PU flooring can withstand the toughest usage factors prevailing in pharma plants including chemicals, and even bacteria. It has a longer lifespan than most other types of flooring and provides greater value in the long run. With proper engineering and additives, epoxy floors protect the concrete substrate from cracks, moisture, grease, and stains.

Epoxy/PU flooring protects the concrete substrate from cracks, prevailing in pharma plants


Maintaining epoxy/PU floors are much easier compared to other floors such as vinyl. The excellent smooth surface helps protect against spills and stains, and routine cleaning requires very little effort. It can last for decades without peeling or cracking. If necessary, one more layer can be done over an existing epoxy floor without the fear of debonding.

With Epoxy/PU floors maintenance is easy because of the smooth surface of the floors


Epoxy/PU floors for pharmaceuticals are always formulated without any solvent. With low/no VOC options they can minimize hazards in the workplace. Also, it is an environmentally friendly/green floor that is energy efficient and can reduce waste during installation.

Epoxy/PU floors with color gradients for pharmaceuticals


Epoxy or PU floors are cast-in-situ that require no adhesives or heat welds. These fluid-applied floors become monolithic with the base concrete floor as they bond directly. Thus it eliminates the risk of cracked or separated seams. Epoxy or PU floors have an excellent chemical resistance that becomes extremely important for most of the manufacturing operations in pharma/biotech plants.

Flooring done with Epoxy or PU floor coatings


Epoxy or PU floors are also available as ESD floors which are of extreme importance in certain areas of pharmaceutical plants such as solvent-handling spaces. Any spark can have devastating effects that can be eliminated using ESD floors.

ESD flooring

With well-trained manpower and an array of products to meet every requirement of a pharmaceutical plant and biotech plants, Neocrete technologies is uniquely qualified to meet the exacting requirements of the health-care industry.

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