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Epoxy Based Bonding Agent for Old and New Concrete Floor

The cement present in a concrete mix does not have any bonding agent within it. When a layer of fresh concrete is added over an existing or old concrete layer, they exist as two separate layers without any bond. So bonding is used between the layers. These Bonding agents are often used in different repair applications, such as bonding new concrete to old concrete, sprayed concrete at construction joints or sand cement repair mortar to assist in achieving a reliable bond. The selection of the appropriate bonding is an essential part of floor design which can have an impact on the performance and functional requirements of the floor. The finish should be appropriate to the service conditions for which the floor is required, with particular reference to the type of traffic and loading, impact, abrasion, chemical resistance etc.

MC-Bauchemie Epoxy Based Bonding Agent

The requirements for bonding agents are as varied as their environments. Whether in industrial facilities, car parks, retail establishments or high-rise structures, coating systems from MC offer durable protection for every kind of functional surface.

MC-Solid 1200 is a two-component solvent-free universal bonding agent, when used as a bonding coat, work should be done wet in wet. When further coats are required and should be strewed on the wet surface to produce mechanical keying for the next coat. The surface coated with MC-Solid 1200 gives the property of dust proofing and is easy to clean. It possesses a high resistance to a variety of chemicals and solvents and can be effectively used as a mechanical and abrasion-resistant coating.

It is supplied in two packs – Resin and HardenerReady to use for easy on-site mixing. Coverage rates of MC-Solid 1200 are dependent on texture, temperature and porosity of the substrates as well as product storage and application temperatures.


  • Solvent-Free Pigmented two-component epoxy-based bonding agent
  • Very High Mechanical resistance
  • Very High Chemical Resistance
  • Very High Bond Strength

The use of a bonding agent helps the different concrete layers to behave like a single unit, thus increasing the strength and performance of the structure.

MC- Bauchemie India offers specifiers, planning engineers, clients and applicators time-saving, cost-efficient and reliable solutions specially formulated to meet the requirements described above. The company’s injection technologies are aligned to the full range of applications encountered in structural and civil engineering – quickly and durably protect structures against water while also restoring them to stability.

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