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Are you looking for surface preparation equipment on rent?

Floor surface preparation involves cleaning and readying surfaces for new coatings. Due to varying attributes and performance characteristics of the many coating types, surface preparation requirements can also be unique from project to project. Surface preparation improves the adhesion of floor coatings. The floors must be properly prepped for replacement or new floors to be installed. This process can be done a few different ways, but it is always with highly specialized equipment that removes any elements left behind from old flooring. The right floor preparation equipment aims at doing this as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hikrete Floor Surface Preparation Equipment on Rent

For the first time in western part of India Hikrete is supplying Floor Surface Preparation Equipment on Rent. They aim to provide you with this support towards selection of the right equipment & shall play an important role in bringing forth a broad spectrum of concrete surface preparation equipment. They are applicable for a minimum 4000 sq.ft. project. These specifically designed equipment are used to remove existing flooring quickly, safely, and effectively. This normal process also guarantees a smooth and clean surface without damaging the concrete slab underneath. The range comes with an extensive range of tools and heads are also available with the equipment including a dust collector and a compact design. simple and safe to operate and requires very little effort or input by the operator. Noise and vibration levels are minimal and with a suitable vacuum.

You can now BOOK A DEMO now. The company will assist you in the selection of the right rental surface preparation equipment and best tools for it. Their guidance also includes providing you with an analysis of the surface preparation process.

About Hikrete Decorative Flooring Systems

Hikrete Decorative Flooring Systems started as an industrial turnkey flooring services company & has gained varied experience in concrete floor finish services & products. Hikrete is HTC Sweden certified polished concrete expert & aims to become your reliable partner not only as a supplier of concrete surface preparation, polishing machines & tools but also through dissemination of technical knowledge acquired over the years.

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