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Different types of Access Equipment models

Access equipment foreseeing momentum due increasing demand in construction, infrastructure and maintenance applications Access equipment provides a safe platform for workers to reach heights safely. With projects becoming complex and India emerging as a hub for high-rise building, the need for working at heights using safer means has become imperative. Additionally, increasing investments made by the government in the infrastructure sector such as building airports and stadiums are giving vast opportunities for the access equipment industry.

The current market focus is on the acquisition of safe and advanced access equipment that ensembles efficient operations and safety at sites. The introduction of advanced technologies, such as tilt sensors and customized ground control panels in access equipment will augment the industry’s growth. Access equipment models are coming out with wheel electric drive hybrids The increasing challenges of fluctuating fuel prices have influenced manufacturers to choose electric equipment over time. There has also been the development of the Entrapment Prevention System in access equipment which ensures the safety of the worker in an entrapment situation. Choosing the appropriate equipment according to the scope of the project is of utmost importance as it helps in adhering to the timelines set for the project. Discussed below are different types of access equipment models.

Different types of access equipment models

Aerial work platform

The latest aerial work platform models come with a small boundary dimension, wide working range, strong obstacle climbing ability, and simple safe and reliable operation. The aerial working platform can be widely used in the construction, repair and maintenance of plants, warehouses, airports, municipal engineering and in other facilities. The aerial work platform has an electric low-meter crank arm and electric shear fork which is helpful in the aspect of safety in the construction of any type. Crank-arm and straight-arm products are mainly driven by diesel. It is also equipped with an advanced motion optimization control program, providing better stationary motion and operating comfort. The adoption of floating steering axles in the models enables to achieve balance adjustment.

SCHWING Stetter Aerial work platform

Articulated boom lifts

Articulated boom lifts are used in outdoor construction and industrial applications. The latest model articulating boom lift provides a better working height and lifting versatility. The newer models come with a combination of up, out, and over-positioning capabilities and outreach adjustment features. Hydraulic rotation in the equipment lets you move the platform where you need it. The self-leveling feature keeps the platform level through the entire range of motion. It can be used in areas with little maneuvering space and on rough terrain. From tight turning to a rotating platform, they’re designed with features that make it easy to function precisely as per requirements.

Articulating boom lifts
Haulotte Articulating Booms lifts

Telescopic boom lifts

The telescopic boom lifts are ideal for work that requires maximum horizontal and vertical outreach. The latest telescopic lift has 4-wheel drive, an oscillating shaft and a steering wheel that affects all the wheels. The narrow varieties of telescopic boom lift are capable of operating on narrow pathways. The automatic traction control (ATC) function allows you to drive the machine over obstacles and non-smooth surfaces. The latest models come with a U-shaped boom design, effectively reducing the weight of the boom and deflection, and providing better machine stability. R-shaped slider and U-shaped channel steel design at the bottom of the boom, effectively reducing the lateral deflection of the boom; Jib rotary function provides a larger working range and more flexible motion. With a vertical reach and a horizontal reach, the latest model offers a dual lift capacity. It is also equipped with PLC control, Automatic fault detection and alarm display functions that offer convenient maintenance.

Zoomlion Telescopic Boom Lifts

Vertical mast lift

Vertical mast lifts are designed ergonomically to carry out a wide number of applications. This includes any maintenance and repair jobs that would need working around obstacles encompassing scaling heights in restricted spaces. The latest models have a compact structure and come with ease of maneuverability. Vertical mast lifts come with a small turning radius and zero tail sweep which enables exceptional functionality through any usual door openings and corridors. They can also be utilized easily at small-scale construction sites owing to their compact, easy-to-store structure that is designed in different shapes and sizes. These types of access lifts are best suited for industrial overhead maintenance applications.

ElectroMech Vertical Mast Lift

Push-around vertical lifts

These types of vertical lifts are easy to set up and simple to operate. These lifts are used for lifting a single person needing to do construction or maintenance work at height for jobs. It can fit through standard doorways and maneuvers easily. The push-around vertical lifts are compact and lightweight and can be shifted from one place to another easily by one person.

Mtandt Push Around – Vertical Lift

Trailer mounted boom lifts

Trailer-mounted boom lifts are ultra-portable access equipment that can be towed behind a truck or van and moved easily from site to site. The latest models are electric-powered, they operate with uneven ground. Hydraulic outriggers with automatic leveling provide quick setup. They are available in articulated or telescopic versions. Trailer-mounted boom lifts come equipped with hydraulically powered, fold-down outriggers and high maneuverable articulating booms. This highly towable lift has fully proportional hydraulics and up-and-over access. Powered platform rotation and auto-leveling outriggers come as standard.

Maco Corporation Trailer mounted boom lifts


The construction equipment market in India is witnessing exponential growth for the last few years. Rapid urbanization, and increasing government spending on infrastructure projects have increased the impetus for access to equipment.

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