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Cost-Effective Lightweight Formwork System

There is a growing realization that cost-effective speed of construction needs to be given greater importance, especially for formwork. This is essential for the faster turnover of leading possibly to the reduction in the project cost. Advanced formwork technologies catering to a faster speed of construction are available in the market. VARIECO is one such formwork system.

The lightweight framed formwork VARIECO by Variant Factory LTD, Ukraine is a complete system including accessories, which delivers perfect forming performance on construction sites without the use of a crane. The long service life of the system makes it a cost-effective solution. The heights and widths of these panels provide for the availability of a logical and advantageous increment-grid. The small range of panel sizes makes planning easier and forming faster. Sharp Ply is the sole distributor of VARIECO & Variant Factory LTD’s products in India.

Cost-effective advantages

  • Manhandled formwork panels minimize the use of a crane
  • A high number of use cycles means lower follow-up expenses
  • Reduction of expenses utilizing restoration and cleaning possibilities
  • Galvanized or powder-coated steel frames, for long service life
  • The high quality of concrete surface minimizes finishing work
  • High repetitions with less labour utilisation.

The heights and widths of these modular formwork panels result in a logical and advantageous increment grid. Small amount of different panels’ sizes makes planning easier and forming faster.

Applications of VARIECO system:

  • Wall formwork
  • Column formwork
  • Foundation formwork

Lightweight Formwork Solution Distribution

Variant Factory LTD is a company that satisfies clients’ needs in different specific tasks. For special demand there are proposed custom-made forms; configurable tunnel systems etc. “Variant Factory Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding for monolithic buildings in Ukraine, operating since 1995. Variant Factory Ltd. is a part of a production corporation of five enterprises involved in metal working and in manufacturing of metal working machinery.

Sharp Ply is the sole distributor of VARIECO formwork panels and accessories in India.

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