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Concrete Resurfacing products from Neocrete

Resurfacing is a very good choice if the issue with your concrete is just superficial cracking, discolouring or slight chipping or spalling. A concrete resurfacer is a special cement product that mixes regular Portland cement, sand, polymer modifiers and other additives to provide compensation for adhesion and shrinkage.

Why Concrete Floors need resurfacing?

  • Although concrete provides most of the industrial flooring substrate, it does not serve as a good long term wear surface due to the nature of the product.
  • Continuous traffic will cause concrete to dust and spall, which can cause severe damage to sensitive equipment as well as human health hazard.
  • Exposure to impact, vibration and heavy loads will result in cracks and potholes.
  • Moisture and chemicals will penetrate the porous surface and can cause a variety of physical and chemical changes to the concrete itself. In extreme conditions these chemicals may eventually pass through the concrete to contaminate the ground or aquifer system.
  • In addition, clean industrial environments, such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications, require finished concrete to seal the surface preventing contamination from the substrate

Recommended Products:

Cementitious systems:

  • 1-3mm : Neocoat UTM
  • 2-5 mm : Neoflor 3010
  • 5-15mm : Neoflor 3010 / Neoflor D’Cor 100
  • 15-50 mm: Neoscreed additive (to be used with Concrete screed)
  • >50mm : Coloured Ultra stamp powder

Specialty floorings:

  • Aquacrete HDCC
  • Neocrete HDF
Neoflor 3010 at Witty school, Mumbai
Neocrete HDF in a Food industry

Specialty floorings for special applications

  • Water-borne epoxy cement composite flooring (with or without polishing)
  • Water-borne polyurethane cement composite flooring

The above floorings are required when the following properties are desired:

  • Where exceptional abrasion and impact strength are required
  • Hot water/steam wash is required
  • Specified chemical resistance
  • As moisture barrier system

Resurfacing is one of the best ways to bring back the look of an older surface without replacing it. It can be used to repair cracks and stabilize loose concrete, making it perfect for driveways that have potholes or other issues.

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