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Concrete floor and surface preparation machine

Concrete floor and surface preparation is done with various methods, such as grinding for level correction, scarifying for coating removal and pit hole filling for repair are few methods to do floor preparation out of which grinding is the most important step. It is done to remove surface contaminants that could lead to premature coating failure and to establish a pristine surface for optimal coating adhesion. This method is important in addressing pre-existing issues such as cracks, unevenness, or moisture problems. Concrete floor and surface preparation machines are essential for this method. By meticulously removing old coatings, adhesives, and irregularities, these machines create a clean and level substrate. The selection of the right surface preparation machine is very important. The Surie Polex FPM-400 machine is the perfect fit for concrete floor and surface preparation.

It stands out as the first machine in India to feature a built-in dust collector, designed to eliminate particulates generated during surface preparation. The machine boasts a compact design with a folding handle for easy mobility. Its key features include high operational fluency, excellent resistance to corrosion, and a balance adjustment system. It comes with a wide array of accessories and heads, offering versatility for various applications, including grinding, and sanding. Known for its simplicity and reliability, the machine requires minimal servicing. It stands out as an optimal choice for Epoxy and PU flooring contractors, providing ease of operation with low effort from the operator. Additionally, it ensures minimal noise and vibration levels, especially when paired with suitable grinding tools.

Preferred Choice
Epoxy and PU Flooring Contractors

Features of Surie Polex FPM-400

  • Equipped with a 5hp, 3-phase motor, providing efficient surface preparation.
  • Comes with a built-in dust collector, ensuring a cleaner working environment.
  • Accommodates different attachments or tooling for diverse surface preparation works.
  • Facilitates easy maneuverability in confined spaces or tight corners.
  • Provides sufficient power to handle tough materials and large surface areas efficiently.
  • User-friendly controls and ergonomic design for operator convenience.
  • Capable of handling various flooring materials, such as concrete, marble, granite etc.
  • Comes with an emergency stop button for operator safety.

About Surie Polex:

Established in 1985, Surie Polex is a leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Floor Polishing Products. Their products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility and encompass top-grade Polishing Abrasives, Diamond Pads, Diamond Tools, Floor Polishing Machines, and Concrete Densifiers.


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