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Chemical anchors and fasteners from Fosroc

Choosing anchors and fasteners is critical when implementing high-load structural applications. Understanding the basic properties of each material is important when selecting the correct product. Your selection should comply with structural safety and integrity. In this regard, Fosroc is easing your selection through its Lokfix E range, a new wave of fixing opportunities to the market.

Fosroc Lokfix resins have been holding fixings for decades. Combining the industry trusted brand with a clean and easy approach to application. Lokfix E has been tested to the European Standards and comes with accreditation and a new wave of design support to ensure that the correct product is in use every time.

Advantages of Fosroc Lokfix E Range

These range of chemical anchors and fastenings offer specific benefits to the designer and user, compared to mechanical fastening

  • ETA approved range for guaranteed safety of structure.
  • Chemical anchor fixings doesn’t provide expansion forces to the concrete
  • Uniform distribution of load
  • Fixings can be closer to the edges of concrete.
  • Fixings can be closely spaced between each other.
  • Fire and Seismic approvals for additional safety of the structure.
  • Suitable for applications for constructing Rock foundations.
  • Resistant to a variety of chemicals in application areas.
  • Suitable for all the ranges of diameters for both threaded rods and reinforcement bars.
  • Dry, Wet, Flooded and submerged holes conditions*.

Fosroc Lokfix E Product Range

Fosroc’ s Lokfix E range has three main products so you can select a product as per your application requirement. The ranges come with varying grades of temperature to ensure that their performance in the application is optimized. Having the correct grade will ensure easier extrusion of the material, manageable working time and rapid cure time.

LOKFIX E75, Pure epoxy resin based chemical anchor – Ideal for critical structural fixings into cracked and uncracked concrete under seismic and fire conditions as well.

LOKFIX E55S, Vinylester styrene free chemical anchor – Ideal for critical fixings into cracked and uncracked concrete under seismic and fire conditions with very fast setting and curing time.

LOKFIX E35S, Polyester styrene free chemical anchor – Ideal for medium duty fixings into un-cracked concrete and fixings in masonry with very fast setting and curing time.

Added Advantage of Fosroc Lokfix Software- Lokfix E range has been created to meet the needs of the designer and user. They have provided a wide range of supporting information to assist clients to rapidly engineer the right solution. It is free design software to enable engineers to rapidly check most complicated design calculations as per ETA regulations. You can visit for downloading the software.

Fosroc Lokfix E Range Applications

There is a wide range of applications of Fosroc Lokfix E Range, some of them are provided below.

  • Post installed rebar connections (Column to column, column to beam etc.,)
  • Brackets and insert plate fixings.
  • Structural steel connections.
  • Seismic strengthening/retrofitting of structures.
  • Seismic bracings.
  • Crack sealing.
  • Machine foundations.
  • Missing reinforcement bars (Precast segment links etc.,)
  • Diamond drilled holes.
  • Rock Anchoring.
  • Seat fixings.
  • Non-structural rebars & Lintel fixings.
  • Gates & Grills.
  • Fence and Balcony railings.
  • Air conditioning and Bathroom fixings.
  • Sign boards & Swings.

Fosroc Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. with its Lokfix E Range remains focused on the Industry, Infrastructure and Building Segment.

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