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Bathroom Vanities: What’s Trending in the New Era

Design trends come and go, but some are timeless. That’s why homeowners who elect to update their bathrooms are encouraged to explore current trends and determine which ones are most likely to fall into that “timeless” category. Among these trends, paying attention to not just the aesthetics but also the functionality is crucial. This includes choosing high-quality toilet fill valves, an often overlooked but essential component of modern bathroom design.Here are a few examples of trends for the coming year that design experts are recommending.

Minimalist Styles are in Vogue

Some of the trending bathroom vanity styles to consider include those with clean, simple features. For example, contemporary, hygge, and Japandi styles are in high demand as homeowners explore options that are more likely to be viewed as timeless. These styles feature straight lines, neutral colors, and a minimum of details.

Warm Tones Create the Vibe Many People are Looking For

Today, warm colors are more popular than ever, but choosing the right colors will make a difference. For example, espresso brown is currently a favorite, but some gray tones are also hot. Off-whites and warm wood tones are still favorites, but make sure the tones selected provide the warm, comfortable feel you’re looking for.

Marble is Still a Favorite Material

Marble vanity tops are still a top favorite among homeowners, so selecting a vanity that goes well with a marble sink is a good idea. That should be easy, as marble is available in a variety of tones, which makes it easy to match a marble top with the vanity of your choice. Design experts recommend warm tones, including some beige or gold, but classic white and some gray tones are also top favorites.

Explore Floating Vanity Options

One of the hottest vanity trends today is floating vanities. This style creates that modern look that’s so popular in 2023. In addition, floating vanities create a visual interest that attracts attention whenever someone enters the room. Again, the material selected will make a difference in the aesthetic appeal of the vanity, so ask a design expert for advice when choosing a floating vanity for your project.

Industrial Influences Continue to Spark Homeowners’ Interest

That minimalist look is exemplified by an industrial look. While this design doesn’t work for every project, many top designers are encouraging homeowners to explore how a deep trough basin paired with a vanity that mimics reclaimed wood and metal elements enhances their bathroom design.

Discover Vanities with Open Shelves

Another interesting trend is vanities with open shelves. Vanities with open shelving provide wonder storage for towels, bath and shower products, or even spare toilet paper. Remember, those items are commonly kept in attractive baskets or bowls to look fabulous and provide easy access to those products.

Double Sinks Remain Popular

When space allows, designers strongly recommend using double-sink vanities. This trend isn’t new, but the fact that it appears timeless is important. Remember that the sink style alters the look of any double vanity, so match the vanity style to the type of sink used. Whether that means a one-piece top or vessel sinks, ensure the styles used are complementary.

Take Advantage of Expert Design Help Rather than making costly mistakes when selecting a bathroom vanity, discuss the pros and cons of various options with a design expert before making a purchase. Remember that choosing the best elements will create a bathroom that’s trendy today but will still be in style years from now


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