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Backhoe loader machines for urban & infra construction

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in her Budget 2023 speech announced a 33% increase in capital expenditures for infrastructure development in 2023-24.A 33 percent increase in capital expenditure to 10 lakh crore rupees, the highest ever and will go a long way in building roads, ports, and airports. Given that India has the second-largest road network in the world, this seems like a big step forward. This declaration is expected to push the demand for construction equipment such as backhoe loaders in India. Backhoe Loader sales which account for about half of the earthmoving equipment in India in terms of unit. There are also initiatives underway to reform procedures and policies around infrastructure investment, which should stimulate the backhoe sector further. The reason backhoe loaders are in such demand is that they can be used for multiple purposes at the jobsite, including digging, demolitions, excavating, breaking asphalt, laying roads, transporting materials, levelling, loading, and much more with additional attachments. At a national level, large projects like Sagarmala and Bharatmala would drive demand for backhoe loader equipment. Additionally, the creation of 100 new airports, smart cities, and metro projects will certainly open new demand. 

The market and advancement of backhoe loader models

According to construction equipment manufacturers, as shared during BC India 2023, backhoe loader sales have averaged around 45,000 units per year pre-Covid. During COVID, it went down, but in this quarter, it has started picking up again.The manufacturers are optimistic that sales can go back to 40,000 to 45,000 units per year. There is a rise in demand for loader backhoes due to an increase in small construction projects. Rapid urbanization and industrialization have aided the growth of backhoes. The investment in infrastructure that the Indian government agreed to make is expected to push the sales of backhoe loaders further in India. ICEMA also reported that the Indian Construction Equipment Industry clocked strong YoY sales growth of 23% in the third quarter of the current fiscal year (Q3 FY23). This uptrend in the Q3 results of FY23 comes on the back of improved performance across all equipment segments, i.e., Earthmoving, Material Handling, Material Processing, and Road Construction equipment. 

Backhoe loader manufacturers are incorporating advanced features like GPS, telematics, and remote monitoring systems into their machines. The machines are being upgraded to work in a wide range of applications and on different terrains and types of projects. The new model range comes packed with smart technologies for control and loading. Advanced Engine Technology  and Advanced Hydraulics Is being used to maximise performance with reduced fuel consumption for higher productivity. The manufacturers are focused on improving the engine capacity, torque , digging height, maximum dump height, and fuel efficiency.

Different types of backhoe loader models

Different types of backhoe loader are being used across the country as per project requirements, which are discussed below. 

Backhoe loader with roll-over protective structure 

The backhoe loader comes with a stylish cab with integrated roll-over protective structure (ROPS) and falling-object protective structure (FOPS) to protect operators and give them a safer environment in which to work. The equipment also features pillar cabin design with greater visibility and increased space for the operator. Seat-mounted controls improve the operating ergonomics of the new loaders. A multifunction joystick controls travel direction and speed. The equipment comes with an engine that generates an adequate amount of power and torque. This new equipment model is an optimal fit for rough terrain.  The hydraulic pump in these backhoes helps to reduce hydraulic losses, resulting in better fuel efficiency. The backhoe provides better excavation performance with higher digging forces for various applications like dozing, grabbing, loading, grading, etc.

DIGMAX Super Backhoe Loader
Backhoe loader with an electro-Hydraulics Variable Displacement pump

Backhoe loaders achieve high productivity thanks to the latest generation Electro-Hydraulic Variable Displacement Pump.It optimizes hydraulic oil as per load requirement.It also offers faster cycle time compared to a gear pump, thereby improving productivity on site. With the high quality axle and transmission, the model is capable of handling greater loads ensuring better operations in any condition and reliability even in the toughest application. The new generation engine with high torque delivery provides superior performance in tough loader applications with faster response time and better fuel efficiencyThe models are equipped with a S-style boom for better reach on the ground & work visibility. The backhoe bucket with better rotation ensures high breakout forces.  It also features Audible & visual warning system, anti-theft & dust free battery compartment and hinged loader strut for operator safety. The straight loader arm ensures better work visibility, loading performance with hinge pin height. · A spacious cabin with ergonomically located controls provides a comfortable operator environment.

70NXe Series Backhoe Loader
Backhoe loader with higher digging depth

Backhoe loaders come with increased loading height, digging depth & force and bigger bucket. The heavy-duty Boom & Dipper make the machine robust even in hard strata. The robust fuel and hydraulic filtration systems increase the efficiency of the machine.The Q-breaks make the machine quick and reliable that are well protected from dirt, water etc, reducing the maintenance requirement of the machine. The newer model provides enhanced fuel efficiency, variable performance capacity, and smart machine management through LiveLink, that benefits operators in better fleet management through remote monitoring. The technology enables the transmission of information on a machine’s update, including Service, Operations and Security, to the operator or owner. The machine comes with features like a smooth gear shift,  ergonomic seat, LED lights, etc. It is also equipped with Intellidiagnostic for quick troubleshooting.

JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader
Backhoe loader with engine control unit 

The newer model comes with an engine control unit (ECU) equipped with a CRDI (Common Rail Direct Injection) system. This provides higher output power and torque rise while offering exceptional fuel efficiency with the Excellent Hydraulic System (EHS) for high caliber performance. With a safe, comfortable, and spacious cabin for maximum operator comfort. Equipped with InSite telematics suite for real-time machine monitoring. The model also features a multipurpose bucket used for loading, dozing, levelling, grabbing, spreading and backfilling. There are options of General purpose tyres for soft soil strata applications and Heavy Duty Tyres for hard soil strata applications.

Tata Hitach Shinrai Prime Backhoe Loader 
Backhoe loader for rough terrains

The new backhoe models come with better dig depth and enhanced load bearing capacity for rough terrain applications. These models are ideal for all-weather conditions, like sub-zero temperatures in the Hilly areas, due to high impact resistant structural grades of steel. It also features the unique Banana Boom and joystick lever, a robust design, and bigger buckets. The style boom of the equipment model has better reach over obstacles and assists in easy and smooth loading of high body trucks. Boom-stick-bucket is designed with perfect geometry which aids well for digging. The hoe bucket rotation gives better heap capacity and superior rimpull delivers excellent dozing performance.The ergonomically designed cabin enhances operator comfort and safety and has tinted glass, a coat hanger.

Mahindra EarthMaster – SX Smart 50 Backhoe Loader 
Backhoe loader for heavy duty application

Backhoe models are being used for digging, moving, grading and loading earth and other loose aggregates. These machinery also find application in heavy industry and mining activity. It is also equipped with Hydraulically actuated wet disc brakes at rear wheels with twin pedals in the cabin for better control.  GPS and GPRS-based remote tracking is attached with In-Site Monitors machine location and operations, which offers information about the machine and the fleet.

ACE AX 130 Backhoe Loader

Discussed above are markt potential, technological advancement and different types of backhoe loaders models.  Increased government initiative by investing in multiple projects like India upcoming projects Sagar mala project and Mumbai Trans Harbour link where the high requirement for construction equipment in the country such as backhoe loaders and work efficiently during construction site is expected to boost the potential growth of backhoe loader market further.

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