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Automatic block making machines for production at a quicker cycle

Efficiency as fast production is what we look for in a block making machine and Brickwell is providing you just that. The effective Vibro press systems and complex feeding systems produce each unit with high precision and accuracy.

The modern Brickell automatic block making machines are innovated so that they can reduce energy usage. This helps reduce the cost and increase the overall profit. The efficient and fast production line of these machines adds to reducing the per-unit cost of the blocks. Automatic Block Machine models from Brickwell are designed with state of the art engineering technology, to produce a wide range of concrete products like Solid/Hollow Block, Interlock Pavers and Kerb Stones at quicker cycle. They also provide close-grain structure to the block which makes the block highly rigid, vibration resistance and high strength. 

Brickwell machine’s production Capacity ranges from 11000 per shift. up to 1.5 lakhs per shift of Fly Ash Bricks and Solid Block ranging from 5000 per shift up to 57600 per shift. The company’s automatic block making machines are specially designed considering the quality of the final product, to optimize their performance and return on investment.

We have focused on the 6004 Block Making Machine of the company. Some of its advantages are given below.

  • The blocks produced are usually  larger and have fewer joints, which is the most vulnerable part
  • The machine is recommended for large scale production and consumption
  • It is a heavy-duty machine with high-frequency vibrator motors
  • The machine delivers unparalleled performance and cost-effective solution
  • Integrated with advanced control systems
  • Dimensional accuracy is perfectly achieved
  • Consistent quality by fixing different types of moulds and ram in the machine
  • Since the machine is automatic the labour requirement is less
  • The machine gives an increased output
  • Designed with state of the art engineering technology
  • The machine produces concrete blocks with better thermal insulation
  • High-speed production of concrete blocks

Meticulous craftsmanship, combined with an exacting quality-control system and focus on customer service, ensure that no matter what you want to build-a home, school, store, office building, auditorium/theatre, warehouse or cold storage, Brickwell is there to serve you.


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