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Architectural Advantage of Space Frame

One of the best benefits of frame structures is their ease in construction. It is very easy to train the labor at the construction site. As the economy also plays a very important role in the design of building systems. Frame structures have economical designs. Space Frames are amongst the most weight-efficient form of lightweight steel structures. Elements and nodes are separated and bolted together to form frames. Geometrical shapes can be either curved or flat, with many variations on grid types.

Discussed below are some of the architectural edge of this structure and its advantage over the traditional structure.

Architectural Advantages of Space Structures

  1. The unique simplicity and beauty of space frame structures in the architecture of the regular form of space structures are architecturally attractive, beautiful, and precious and this is why many architects exhibit space frames in halls, community centers, etc. and in many cases, they even use space structures in building facades.
  2. Great flexibility in terms of architecture, using repeated seemingly identical geometric shapes. We could create different geometric shapes by various architectural designs, design, and produce the architect’s desired configuration. Common architectural shapes include flat shape, arc, barrel vaults, domes, umbrella, pyramid, sine, etc.
  3. No need to use false ceiling in space frame structures. The beautiful view of double-layer networks in space structures, appearing as repeated geometric shapes, provides a pleasing outlook which is architecturally precious and this is why a large number of architects do not employ false ceilings but space frames in community centers, mosques, airports, etc.
  4. The possibility of attaching several pendants from the ceiling of a space frame. Considering high load bearing capacity as well as numerous nodes at regular intervals, it provides the possibility of design maneuver to connect several pendants at any desired point, thereby creating unique (interior) architectural works.
  5. The possibility of extending space structures with a minimal change in the former structure due to “optionality of restraints order” in this type of structure – Increasing / decreasing the surface area of an implemented space structure from any side and in any way while keeping the former structure and following design tips is possible with a minimal cost. This unique capacity of space structures provides architects and employers with a great possibility in the design and arrangement of development plans. This feature is found in no other structure.
  6. An appropriate structure for lighting. Predefined points on space structures (structure nodes) along with the possibility of attaching spotlights or other light sources on any point of the generated surface area makes the setting beautiful and suitable for lighting and decoration.
  7. Space-saving. The space between the layers of space structures provides a good place for pass of electrical, mechanical, thermal, and cryogenic and other structural facilities; also, numerous nodes of a space structure supply the required restraint for passing of these facility communication networks at no extra cost and minimize their visibility.
  8. A high safety factor. Designing a safe, beautiful, and stable structure is an important parameter for every architect. Since space structures have unique features, not many structures are comparable to them.

Advantage of Space frame Structure over Conventional and Steel Roof Structure- 

Steel framed buildings are considered to be an ideal choice in most of the construction sectors these days. However, most people are unaware of the structural benefits of steel frames. People tend to believe that these frames can be used only for commercial purposes however, contrary to popular belief; these structures can be used for residential purposes too. It can be used for workshops, garages and so forth.

Steel space frames are used for various types of construction purposes. These frames are supported by piers or concrete bases. These simple structures are both attractive and strong in structure. These frames can cover large length of areas when it is designed in a specific manner. There are various advantages associated with the use of these frames.

  • Space Frame Structures can be fixed and dismantled easily
  • The structure is beautiful in look
  • This structure fits for any kind of geometrical shape and profile
  • In this structure the distribution if the lighting is very convenient
  • Load transfer in this structure is good because of concentric and zero eccentric connections in axials
  • Protects against atmospheric exposure better
  • Offers better corrosion resistance in the system,
  • This structure is seismic protected
  • Structural integrity and global ductility is superior in this system
  • Can take heavier loads from the roof of steel roofed buildings
  • No need for intermediate supporting columns
  • The space frame structure is considered as hinged and hence supporting media (Concrete or steel columns and foundations) are economical as there is no moment transfer from SF to Supporting media
Space Frame


There are innovation is going on across the globe, space frame too it getting architected in different ways across the globe too.

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