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Advantages of GeoSys India Reinforced Earth Wall System™

A Reinforced Earth wall is designed and constructed to resist the lateral pressure of the soil and supports the soil laterally so that it can be maintained at different levels on both sides. The lateral pressure could be also due to earth filling, liquid pressure, sand, and granular materials. The walls used to bound soils between two different elevations often in areas of terrain possessing undesirable slopes. The quality of manufactured reinforced earth walls holds the key for long-run productivity. GeoSys India manufactures high-quality reinforced earth walls. Their GeoSys RE Wall System™ is a cost-effective alternative to comparable steel soil reinforcement or conventional reinforced cement concrete retaining walls.

GeoSys RE Wall System™ is a composite earth structure, wherein soil (or other suitable fill) is internally stabilized by the inclusion of discrete layers of grids which are generally placed in the plane perpendicular to wall facing, between successive lifts of fill, during construction. The wall system is a flexible structure as compared to R.C.C rigid structure and is more stable under large and unforeseen deformations due to earthquake, differential settlements and subsidence.

GeoSys RE Wall System™ is compatible with a variety of decorative facing systems, including large-sized discrete concrete panels, segmental panels, small-sized modular concrete blocks, vegetative facing with wrap around or with stones filled gabion, etc. It can also be used with a wide range of fill materials, ranging from non-cohesive frictional fills locally available at the site to fly ash and other similar non-cohesive, non-plastic fills. The marginal cohesive fill material can also be used with this wall system by use of adequate design.

GeoSys Reinforced Earth Wall used in multiple projects across country

Advantages of GeoSys Reinforced Earth Wall System™

The GeoSys Reinforced earth retaining wall system™ not only protects your landscaping but it also contributes aesthetics value. Its advantages are given below;

  • Counteract the forces of gravity to protect the structure.
  • Hold the soil together for better functioning.
  • Resists Gravity Load.
  • Prevent sinkholes from destroying landscape structure.
  • Stabilizes the sloping landscapes.
  • Provides the level surfaces on slopes.
  • Compatible with a variety of decorative facing systems.
  • Reduces maintenance and prevents erosion.
  • Holds back the earth and maintains a difference in the height of the ground surface.
  • Withstand the grounds or backfill, other externally exerted loads transmit.
  • Provides stability under large and unforeseen deformations such as differential settlements and subsidence.
  • Can be used with a wide range of fill materials.
  • Effective in flood control.
  • Extremely low maintenance.

GeoSys RE Wall System™ is designed using Internationally accepted codes of practice (AASHTO, FHWA, BS8006 etc.), as well as catering to MORTH Specifications & IRC-SP 102 and/or recommendation Project Specifications requirements.

About GeoSys India

  • We, at GeoSys India are approximately 15 years old company and a pioneer in the field of RE wall construction. In the past years we have done multiple projects in Pan India for our prestigious and reputed clients like L&T, Dilip Buildcon Ltd, Ashoka Buildcon Ltd, APCO Infrastructure, PNC Infratech, MP State Government and other big leaders in the construction industry. We have been associated with many landmark projects in the field of Aviation & highway, Flyovers & Bridge projects for RE walls and other Geosynthetics applications.
  • We have our own ISO certified Geogrid Manufacturing plant located at UPSIDC Industrial area, Sikandrabad (U.P) with modern testing facility, wherein each product lot is tested before packing to ensure the right product is delivered to our clients and the Project site.
  • We have a strict quality policy committed to being very aggressive in our attitude towards quality and customer service, primarily since we need to be the best in our business to stay ahead of competition. For us, quality is not just another goal; it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth.
  • We are a one stop solution for design, consultancy, material supply, site supervision, Ground Improvement solutions, landfills, soil stabilization and consolidation and other Geosynthetics & Infra related products & services.
  • GeoSys India Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd (GIIPL) is headed by people having vast experience in the field of Geosynthetics and Infrastructure related products & services.

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