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7 Frequently Asked Questions Related to Pool Removal in Phoenix

Phoenix is the second-largest city in Arizona, with a population of more than 1.4 million. In the past 5 years, the operating expenses of swimming pools in Arizona, including the city of Phoenix, have increased. Based on the size of the pool, annual maintenance costs can exceed $2,500, excluding the cost of repairs. Removing a pool can open up new possibilities. Residents can install a patio, playground, or garden for outdoor entertainment.

Finding the right pool demolition expert is challengin. While hiring a pool demolition specialist, it is important to ask the seven questions related to pool removal in Phoenix.

You can ask the seven questions below to a pool demolition specialist.

Why should I demolish my pool? And what are the advantages I get?

You may wish to remove your pool for several reasons, such as:

    • To save money and time on pool repairs, maintenance, insurance, and servicing
    • Create more outdoor space for landscaping or other activities
    • Free yourself from the responsibilities and risks that come with pool ownership
    • Increase the value of your home or attract better buyers

    Here are some of the benefits you can get from pool removal:

    • You will have more space for a versatile backyard
    • Lower your energy and water consumption
    • Ignore the complexity of pool inspections and regulations
    • You may feel more relaxed and less stressed

    How much can I expect to spend on pool removal in Phoenix?

    The expense of pool demolition may differ based on several factors:

    • The shape, type, and size of your pool
    • The condition and accessibility of your pool site
    • The method of pool removal (full or partial)
    • The inspections and permits required in Phoenix
    • The amount of fill and debris material required

    Is there any approval required when removing the pool?

    Of course, you need a permit to demolish your pool in Phoenix. You should visit the local government entity to find out the specific regulations and requirements for pool demolition.

    You must also hire an insured and licensed professional who knows how to deal with pool removal. You must make sure that the debris from the demolition is removed and disposed of according to Phoenix’s laws and regulations.

    How long does it take to demolish an inground pool?

    The duration of demolition depends on factors like the type, size, and method of pool demolition. It may take a few days to a couple of weeks. Removing an inground pool is not an easy task. It requires proper planning and professionalism.

    After the pool removal process is done, it is necessary to fill the hole with soil and gravel, dispose of the debris, and restore the landscape.

    Can I reuse the debris from a demolished pool?

    Some materials from the old pool can be reused after pool removal. This could include rebar, concrete, and other parts, depending on the pool type. There may be safety hazards, health problems, or environmental rules that prevent reusing old pool materials.

    Some of the debris could be damaged or broken during pool demolition and not fit for reuse. So, it is always better to speak with a pool demolition contractor before trying to reuse the debris from your old pool. It is generally not a good idea to reuse debris from a demolished pool.

    What is the pool demolition process in Phoenix, Arizona?

    In the pool demolition process, the first step is to empty the swimming pool, which generally includes siphoning out the left-out water and balancing the chlorine levels. And then, the swimming pool floor and walls are removed with heavy equipment, like a bulldozer.

    After all of the waste materials have been taken away, the remaining space is filled with sand and leveled to suit the surrounding terrain. Finally, grass seed can be planted for a final touch. Pool removal must always be done by a professional so that it can be done properly and safely.

    Will heavy machinery used for pool demolition cause any harm?

    The demolition of an old swimming pool requires the use of heavy equipment and tools such as excavators, backhoes, and jackhammers. Despite the possible damage to underground utilities or landscaping across the swimming pool area, demolition professionals will take the necessary preventive measures.

    Before starting any pool removal project, a good demolition crew contractor will carefully check the work area and sketch the project to ensure that it is done safely. Also, the crew will follow all safety rules and regulations to make sure that the work is completed with minimal risk of damage to your house.

    Final Thoughts

    To summarize, the article discussed seven of the most common questions that pop up during pool removal. It is useful to have a good understanding of the pool demolition process in Phoenix.


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